NY Jets plan to re-sign QB Mike White in the offseason

NY Jets, Mike White
NY Jets, Mike White / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

The NY Jets are looking to keep quarterback Mike White around for the long-term despite benching him in Week 11.

Although some questions were raised when New York chose to start Joe Flacco over White against the Miami Dolphins, White has a more certain future with the franchise based on a recent report.

According to ESPN's Rich Cimini, the Jets plan to tender him as a restricted free agent, a projected $2.4 million for the low tender or $3.9 million for the second-round tender.

The move appears to be a win-win: if no team tries to sign White this offseason, New York get to keep him as a solid backup option.

If White draws interest from quarterback-needy teams, those teams will have to give up a draft pick for him — that pick would depend on what tender they place on him.

The news shouldn't come as a surprise. It was already suspected that New York wanted to hold onto White, even considering his see-sawing performances this season.

The NY Jets believe Mike White is a part of their future

After a historic debut against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 8, White's second full game stuck a pin into his ballooning hype.

In Week 10's loss to the Buffalo Bills, White recorded four interceptions and no score, completing just 54.6 percent of his passes.

As Zach Wilson prepares for his return to the field, White will likely be demoted to the bench for the rest of the year.

Still, New York's intention to keep White on the team bodes good news for the Western Kentucky product, who may yet get more chances to prove his worth as a consistent and reliable No. 2 quarterback for the future.

The future of the Jets franchise rests squarely on Wilson's shoulders for now, but should Wilson start to struggle, White could be ready to carry the burden.

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For a young and rebuilding team like the Jets, a backup quarterback like Mike White is one of the greatest luxuries they can have.