NY Jets plan to give Jalen Hurts '11 kisses' in Week 6

The Jets have a plan to stop Jalen Hurts
NY Jets, Jalen Hurts
NY Jets, Jalen Hurts / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The NY Jets enter their Week 6 meeting against Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles as sizable underdogs. Fresh off a thrilling 31-21 win over the Denver Broncos, Robert Saleh and his team face the daunting task of competing with the undefeated Eagles in Week 6.

Saleh has a plan, however. More specifically, Saleh has a plan to defend the Eagles' feared "Tush Push" (or "Brotherly Shove," if you will). He plans to give Hurts "11 kisses." No, seriously.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Saleh insisted that he wants his team to come after Hurts and. give him 11 kisses — or, in football teams, 11 hits.

The plan is for the Jets to be as violent and aggressive up front as the Eagles are. That's a tall order, given how talented and effective this Eagles rushing attack is, but at least the Jets have a plan.

"If the quarterback carries the ball, we’ve gotta give him 11 kisses, figure out a way to do that. They play violent, they play aggressive, they’ve got a quarterback who is super strong in terms of creating leverage. I don’t think he feels pain when he gets hit, even though we’re gonna try — legally."

Robert Saleh

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Robert Saleh and the NY Jets have a plan to stop Jalen Hurts

Numerous teams have tried and failed to stop Hurts and the Eagles in short-yardage situations. The Eagles have run their variation of a QB sneak 43 times this season. The play has resulted in a first down or touchdown on a whopping 38 of those occasions for an 88 percent rate. That's near-unstoppable territory.

The Jets have one of the most talented defensive lines in the NFL, but even John Franklin-Myers admits it's a challenge. Franklin-Myers told reporters on Wednesday that the Eagles "have a slight advantage with the snap count" but that the Jets are "looking forward to the challenge."

If the Jets are going to pull off the major upset against the Eagles this Sunday, they're going to need to limit this Philadelphia ground game. The Eagles are averaging 4.6 yards per carry this season, as opposed to their opponents, who are averaging just 3.4.

Eagles running back D'Andre Swift is one of the NFL's league leaders in yards per carry with a healthy 5.7 mark on the season. Of course, that's no match for Jets running back Breece Hall, who is averaging a ridiculous 7.2 yards per carry in 2023.

The Jets have their work cut out for them in Week 6, but Saleh and the Jets know what they're up against. They're facing one of the most talented rushing attacks in the NFL. They're tasked with stopping arguably the most dominant play in football history.

Here's to hoping they come prepared.