NY Jets offensive grades for a dreadful Week 9 loss on MNF

That was ugly...
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Elsa/GettyImages
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It was an embarrassing offensive performance for the NY Jets on Monday night, scoring just six points against the league’s worst-ranked pass defense. 

It wasn’t just Zach Wilson, either, as the offense struggled to get the run game going once again, handicapped themselves with endless pre-snap penalties, and turned the ball over three times, including a terrible Garrett Wilson mistake early on. 

Below are some of the offensive grades for the individual efforts from Monday night.

Zach Wilson, QB, NY Jets

It’s gotten really, really bad for Zach Wilson after the bye week… again. It seemed like Wilson had found somewhat of a rhythm before the bye week, flashing promise against Kansas City, Denver, and Philadelphia. 

Since the bye week, though, he has turned in very below-average starts against the putrid New York Giants defense and the league's worst pass defense in the Los Angeles Chargers. None of it has been “good,” as Wilson has regressed into a shell of himself again.

His final stat line from Monday night doesn’t jump out like other games of his have: 33-of-49 for 263 yards, no interceptions, and no touchdowns. He also lost two costly fumbles. 

Still, the 67% completion percentage is a positive for a player who struggled to complete 50% of his passes through his first two years. However, the complete lack of situational and play-by-play awareness is as alarming as ever. 

Wilson still holds the ball far too long (2.71 seconds without pressure, 3.37 seconds with pressure), takes too many bad sacks (eight last night), and has no ability to climb the pocket to avoid pressure. 

Both the strip sack by Joey Bosa early on and the late strip sack that sealed the game by Khalil Mack were solely on Zach Wilson being too careless with the ball and not feeling the pocket close around him. That’s also now eight fumbles in the last five games for Wilson.

There is definitely a lot else wrong with the Jets offense right now, but it starts with the fact their quarterback is not NFL-caliber and handcuffs everyone else on offense week in and week out. 

Grade: D