Jets' pathetic offense becoming the NFL's worst this century is an organizational failure

The Jets' offense is now historically bad.
NY Jets, Robert Saleh
NY Jets, Robert Saleh / Al Bello/GettyImages

Every stat about the NY Jets offense that pops up makes Nathaniel Hackett and Robert Saleh's performance look even worse. The Jets have scored just 10 offensive touchdowns all season long, have not scored a touchdown outside of garbage time since Week 8, and will likely embark on their fourth straight season without as QB throwing 10 touchdown passes.

It's hard to pinpoint one issue with this team, because everything is going wrong. A poorly constructed roster and laughable quarterback room post-Aaron Rodgers injury combined with an offensive coordinator that is in over his skis are producing historically bad results.

The Jets' 13-8 loss against the Atlanta Falcons, a game in which the Jets allowed just one touchdown on a drive that started in their own territory, was as frustrating a loss as ever. Tim Boyle and Trevor Siemian contributed to the Jets' efforts at building the worst offense many of us have ever seen.

TruMedia's EPA database goes back to 2000, encompassing 766 different offenses. In terms of EPA per play, the 2023 Jets rank as the absolute worst in that 23-year span. If that isn't enough to cause change, it's hard to imagine what actually will.

The NY Jets offense is has historically bad EPA

While Hackett clearly has no business ever being employed as an offensive coordinator ever again, he called a good game against Atlanta. Garrett Wilson was open all game long, and neither Boyle nor Semien could get him the ball consistently.

Boyle, Semien, and Zach Wilson have to be one of the worst quarterback rooms ever assembled in the NFL, and it seems like things could get much worse before they get any better. It's deteriorated so much so that Wilson is now refusing to start in their next game against the Texans.

With Rodgers' influence likely to result in Saleh, Hackett, and Joe Douglas all coming back next season, nothing will change in the short term. Despite the fact that Saleh has played four quarterbacks in each of the last three seasons and seven unique ones in the last two years, the offensive structure won't get any major facelifts.

The offensive line (beat up as it is) still can't block, only one receiver can get open, Breece Hall is regressing, and the quarterback situation is as bad as it has ever been. Fans need to plug their nose and hope there is a Rodgers-shaped pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.