NY Jets want Zach Wilson to start at QB...but he's refusing to play

Zach Wilson is reluctant to play QB for the Jets again
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

The NY Jets are the most unserious professional sports team that's ever existed. As if their quarterback carousel wasn't already embarrassing enough, the latest development with Zach Wilson is the cherry on top of the Jets' QB misery.

Following uninspiring performances from the likes of Tim Boyle and Trevor Siemian in the team's Week 13 loss to the Atlanta Falcons, the Jets are reportedly leaning toward starting Wilson again in Week 14.

This comes two weeks after Wilson was benched for Boyle following the team's loss to the Buffalo Bills in Week 11. There's one problem, though — Wilson doesn't want to play.

The Athletic's Dianna Russini is reporting that, while the Jets want to start Wilson on Sunday, the former No. 2 overall pick "is reluctant to stepping back in." The two sides are discussing what's next for both the team and Wilson moving forward.

Zach Wilson seemingly doesn't want to play again for the NY Jets

It's unclear at this time why Wilson wouldn't want to play in another game this season, but it isn't hard to theorize. Wilson would be stepping back into an unenviable position with a disastrous supporting cast.

He may also feel scapegoated by his benching a few weeks ago. After all, the offense has arguably gotten worse with Boyle at quarterback (not that that should be much of a surprise). Ultimately, we don't know Wilson's reasoning.

But what is clear is that, if this is true, Wilson has very likely played his final game for the Jets. There's no sense in rostering a player who outright refuses to play. It would make sense for the two sides to mutually part ways this week if he refuses to play.

That would leave the Jets with the duo of Siemian and Boyle at quarterback for the remainder of the 2023 season. That's good news for fans rooting for the Jets to improve their draft position, although it probably doesn't matter who the Jets start at QB at this rate.

Wilson appears to be done with the Jets organization. Somehow, someway, things continue to get more embarrassing for this franchise. What can possibly happen next?

*Update: The Athletic's Jeff Howe is reporting that "if Zach Wilson were asked directly by the Jets to start, he would agree to that."