NY Jets news: Zach Wilson's future, former Jets OC lands new job

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets will be adding a veteran quarterback to their roster this offseason, which means that the incumbent Zach Wilson will take a back-seat role following his disappointing sophomore NFL season.

That is, of course, if Wilson is even on the roster. There has been some speculation that the Jets could trade Wilson, but The Athletic's Jeff Howe reported on Saturday that the Jets "don’t intend to trade" the former second-overall pick.

This falls in line with what the team has publicly stated. Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh insist that they're committed to developing Wilson, even if that might be in a backup role.

Public quotes and reports suggest that the Jets plan to keep Wilson, but only time will tell if that's the truth or simply a red herring.

Other NY Jets news

Brian Schottenheimer is back!

The Dallas Cowboys officially announced their new offensive coordinator on Saturday, and it's someone who Jets fans should be very familiar with. Brian Schottenheimer is back in the NFL, and he'll be replacing the departing Kellen Moore in Dallas.

Schottenheimer's last offensive coordinator gig came from 2018-2020 when he was paired with Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks. He spent this past year as a coaching analyst with the Cowboys.

Believe it or not, Schottenheimer holds the distinction of being the last Jets offensive coordinator to spend more than two years with the organization. He was the team's OC from 2006 to 2011, helping lead the Jets to consecutive AFC Championship Games.

Of course, it wasn't exactly Schottenheimer's offense that got the Jets to those games. Still, the Cowboys clearly see something in him, despite his lackluster resume. Schotty is back!

NFL considering another rule change

The NFL is considering changing another rule that would significantly impact the way defensive players tackle, and needless to say, players are not happy about it.

The NFL's Chief Medical Officer, Allen Sills, revealed that the NFL will have "very active offseason conversations" about what the league is calling "hip drop tackles."

Essentially, it's when defenders drop their body weight on the legs of a ball carrier while attempting to make a tackle from behind. The recent injury to Cowboys running back Tony Pollard has sparked this investigation.

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The likes of Richard Sherman, Cameron Hayward, Jevon Holland, and Jets cornerback Michael Carter II were among the many players to criticize this report. The game continues to get harder for defensive players.