NY Jets news: Sauce Gardner's toughest matchups, Randall Cobb fined

  • Sauce Gardner reveals his toughest matchups
  • Randall Cobb fined for blindside block
  • Tony Adams is a breakout candidate

NY Jets, Sauce Gardner, Tyreek Hill
NY Jets, Sauce Gardner, Tyreek Hill / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with NY Jets All-Pro cornerback Sauce Gardner for an interview, during which the reigning Defensive Rookie of the Year was asked about his toughest matchups in the NFL to this point.

Gardner has only played one season in the NFL, but he's still managed to rack up quite an impressive list of opponents. That said, Gardner shied away from naming just one rival, instead opting to list a host of his toughest matchups.

Gardner listed off the likes of Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Justin Jefferson, Stefon Diggs, Amari Cooper, and many others when answering the question. It was an amicable response from Gardner, who wasn't looking to generate any headlines.

Still, it does remind everyone of just how many talented wide receivers Gardner was forced to go up against as a rookie. Evidently, the level of competition didn't prove to be much of an obstacle for the former Cincinnati star.

The full interview can be seen below on The Jet Press YouTube channel.

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Other NY Jets news

Randall Cobb fined for blindside block

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers predicted that his longtime teammate, wide receiver Randall Cobb, would receive a hefty fine following his illegal blindside block on New York Giants safety Bobby McCain during last Saturday's preseason finale.

That's exactly what happened. Cobb received a fine of $13,889 for the block that concussed McCain last weekend. It's a block that was legal for years before the NFL decided to implement increased player safety measures.

Cobb's block has sparked a renewed rivalry between the Jets and Giants, with Giants outside linebacker Jihad Ward accusing the Jets of laughing off the hit that injured his teammate.

Rodgers and Cobb's interaction after the block was highlighted in last week's episode of Hard Knocks.

Tony Adams listed as a breakout candidate

NFL Network's Peter Schrager revealed his annual list of 10 potential breakout candidates in 2023 this week, and one Jets player managed to earn some recognition.

While the list was dominated by notable players such as Kenny Pickett, Jaelan Phillips, and Jahan Dotson, Jets safety Tony Adams received some well-earned media spotlight.

Schrager praised the Jets' star-studded secondary while insisting that Adams could be "the breakout star of the bunch." Adams surprisingly earned a starting job this summer following a strong showing in training camp.

The former undrafted free agent has an opportunity to solidify himself as a long-term starting piece in this Jets' defense this season. Count Schrager among those who believe that will happen.