NY Jets news: Garrett Wilson loves Aaron Rodgers, takes shot at Raiders

NY Jets, Garrett Wilson
NY Jets, Garrett Wilson / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

NY Jets players are making the rounds on Radio Row ahead of this weekend's Super Bowl, and the question everyone is being asked pertains to Aaron Rodgers and the possibility of playing alongside him next season.

One such player who was asked about Rodgers was Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson. Speaking with ESPN, Wilson said that he "loves" Rodgers while calling him "the best quarterback of all time."

Wilson did say that he will be happy doing his job with whoever the Jets trot out at quarterback in 2023, but his love and admiration for Rodgers were very evident in the interview. After all, Wilson grew up watching Rodgers on TV.

This past season, Wilson got a chance to play against, and defeat, Rodgers on the road at Lambeau Field. Perhaps next season he could be catching passes from the future Hall of Famer instead.

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Garrett Wilson takes a shot at the Raiders

This wasn't the only interview in which Wilson was asked about Rodgers. The rookie standout joined Maggie and Perloff of CBS Sports on Tuesday to discuss Rodgers as well, and this time, he was asked to give a potential pitch.

Wilson was asked why Rodgers should choose the Jets over any other team, such as the Las Vegas Raiders, who are rumored to have serious interest in the 10-time Pro Bowler. His answer was rather straightforward and to the point.

"We got a better team than the Raiders."

Garrett Wilson

Wilson straight-up declared that the Jets have a better team than the Raiders as the reason why Rodgers should come to Florham Park.

You could hear the slight hesitation in Wilson's voice when he made that statement, and he even quietly said "I don't know who's listening" immediately after before reiterating his belief in Jets supremacy.

Wilson clearly wants Rodgers in New York, going as far as to say that he would "probably cry" if the Jets made the trade. His sales pitch certainly doesn't lack confidence either.

Ryan Tannehill is a possibility for the Jets

Aaron Rodgers is evidently the Jets' preferred target. Jimmy Garoppolo seems to be the team's backup plan. Derek Carr remains in the mix, as does the long-shot possibility of a Lamar Jackson trade.

But one quarterback option who has not been discussed very much is Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill might not be the most appealing choice for many, but he does appear to be a possibility.

The Athletic's Zack Rosenblatt recently listed four "real targets" for the Jets this offseason, and Tannehill was included alongside Rodgers, Carr, and Garoppolo. He's been overlooked, but Tannehill comfortably falls into that Garoppolo tier.

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Don't expect the Jets to target Tannehill as their top option, but he could be a fall-back plan if they miss out on Rodgers, Garoppolo, and Carr.