Why the NY Jets still haven't signed RB Breece Hall yet

NY Jets, Breece Hall
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The NY Jets' rookies officially reported to training camp on Tuesday. Summer vacation is over — it's time to get to work. Well, that's the case for at least six of the Jets' seven draft picks.

Second-round pick Breece Hall has actually not signed his rookie contract at the time of writing. This shouldn't be a significant cause for concern and it's highly likely that Hall does sign his contract within the next couple of days.

But why has it taken this long? Why is Hall the only one of seven Jets draft picks that remains unsigned?

There's actually a pretty logical reason for it, and the Jets aren't exactly the blame. If anything, the Houston Texans are.

Why have the NY Jets not signed Breece Hall?

To understand why Hall hasn't signed we first need to understand how draft picks are paid in the NFL. All draft picks in the NFL Draft are slotted, meaning that each player receives a pre-set amount of money based on where they were selected.

It's then up to teams and agents to determine the structure of the deal and how much guaranteed money comes with it. The latter part of that has been the issue with Hall.

These negotiations generally abide by the rules and precedent set before them. In this case, the Texans went out and handed 37th overall pick, Jalen Pitre, a fully-guaranteed four-year deal. They also handed 44th overall pick John Metchie a contract with more guarantees than expected.

For reference, last year's 37th overall pick received a contract with 58 percent guaranteed, so Pitre's deal is rather ground-breaking. Whenever anything like this happens, it always affects the rest of the class.

In this case, any player drafted in the second round before Pitre is looking for the same deal. Hall is in the same boat as every player drafted between picks 33 and 36. All four players remain unsigned for the same reason.

In fact, seven of the top-10 picks and 11 altogether in the second round have yet to sign their rookie deals for this exact reason. Their agents are all looking to secure similar guarantees for their clients.

It's hard to imagine that this situation turns into anything serious like a holdout. If anything, Hall being in Florham Park for training camp will likely make negotiations move swiftly.

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But it's certainly an annoying obstacle to work around. Don't blame the Jets and all the other teams who have been affected, though. Blame the Texans.