What should the NY Jets do with Mike White and Zach Wilson?

NY Jets, Mike White
NY Jets, Mike White / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The Mike White era arrived in New York on Sunday. Whether this new era of NY Jets football lasts only a couple of weeks or whether it lasts for the next decade-plus remains to be seen.

But on a crisp Halloween afternoon in East Rutherford, NJ, Mike White was a star.

The long-tenured former practice squad member finished 37-of-45 for 405 yards and three touchdowns leading the Jets to an improbable 34-31 victory over the previous top seed in the AFC, the Cincinnati Bengals.

It was a performance no one could have seen coming. Especially not after a 54-13 embarrassing blowout at the hands of the New England Patriots still fresh in the minds of the fans that made the trip to MetLife Stadium.

But it happened. That actually happened.

Of course, White's standout performance has led to premature questions about what this means for both his and Zach Wilson's future.

What does Mike White's star-making performance mean for Zach Wilson?

The short answer to this question is rather simple. The Jets don't have to do anything, not yet at least.

Wilson will be sidelined for at least another game with White already declared the starter for this Thursday's matchup with the Indianapolis Colts.

That means it'll be White leading the Jets in their only primetime game of the season with the entire NFL world fixated on the former Western Kentucky star.

What happens if White performs just as well on Thursday and leads the Jets to another victory? At 3-5 with two excellent quarterback performances in a row, how do you then make the decision to sit a player who has been your best quarterback this season?

It's a fair question. And the Jets might be put in a tricky situation if White continues to impress.

Tricky doesn't mean bad, however. While many will try to spin the "quarterback controversy" angle as a negative story for the Jets, it's anything but.

Having a 26-year-old quarterback playing at a high level as well as a 22-year-old No. 2 overall pick with a sky-high ceiling on the same roster is always a good thing, no matter how many times the media will try to make it seem like the opposite.

It's impossible to say right now, at this very moment, what the future holds for both White and Wilson. There's every chance that White's Week 8 performance was nothing more than a simple flash-in-the-pan, one-week-wonder.

And if so, that's fine. The Jets will happily hand the reigns of the offense over to their prized rookie quarterback, and we'll always have the memory of what will surely go down in Jets history as the "Mike White Game."

But there's also a chance that this is the start of something new. The start of something no one could have ever seen coming for both White and the Jets.

Time will tell. For now, don't worry about the future.

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Live in the present. Have fun. Enjoy the Mike White experience.