The NY Jets are making sure Johnny gets a lot of ice cream

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NY Jets / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets have been racking up wins this season which is a welcome change of pace for many fans who have sat through persistent losing seasons in recent years. But for one lucky fan, Jets victories taste just a little sweeter.

You've probably seen him devouring his delicious lactose treats on social media. Perhaps you saw his preseason interview with Jets rookie cornerback Sauce Gardner. For famed kid reporter Johnny, every Jets win means another serving of ice cream.

With the Jets heading into their bye week at 6-3, Johnny has had his fair share of ice cream this season. But just who is the famous Johnny?

What we do know is that Johnny is the designated Atlantic Health System Jets Kid Reporter and his claim to fame came from his interview with Gardner this summer.

During the interview, Johnny told the Jets' cornerback that his dad would always take him to get ice cream every time the Jets won. Johnny then asked Gardner how many times he would be eating ice cream this season.

"A lot," Gardner replied, much to Johnny's delight. At the time, Gardner's comment felt more like hope than an actual prediction. But nine weeks into the season and the Jets have more than lived up to their promise to Johnny.

Johnny must be very pleased with the NY Jets' winning ways

Each week the Jets have won, they've posted a new video to their social media depicting Johnny with his celebratory frozen treat. It's gotten to the point that even the NFL is acknowledging Johnny and his ice cream celebrations.

After the Jets' stunning 20-17 victory over the Buffalo Bills this past Sunday, the NFL tweeted out that Johnny should receive an ice cream cake to fit the magnitude of his favorite team's triumph.

That's exactly what happened.

One must wonder how Johnny's parents feel about this development. After all, their celebratory ice cream treat must have been a rare occurrence in recent years. In fact, the Jets' six wins over the last nine weeks match their win total over the last two years combined.

That's a lot of ice cream.

Just how many wins can the Jets rack up this season? How much ice cream will Johnny eat? If the Jets win the Super Bowl, does Johnny get his own personal ice cream truck?

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Those questions remain to be answered. But one thing is certain — the more ice cream Johnny eats, the happier Jets fans will be.