NY Jets legend Joe Klecko has a new opinion on Aaron Rodgers

Joe Klecko has really changed his tune regarding Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Chris Pedota, NorthJersey.com / USA

Many were initially skeptical when the NY Jets opted to trade for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers this offseason. Jets legend and 2023 Hall of Fame inductee Joe Klecko was one of them.

Klecko told the New York Post back in February that Rodgers would be a "detriment" to the Jets organization and that he didn't see the 10-time Pro Bowler "fitting in" with the team.

Evidently, he's changed his tune. Klecko told TMZ Sports last week that he believes the Jets will make the Super Bowl with Rodgers as their quarterback. That's quite the change in attitude from the last time he discussed the Jets' new QB.

Klecko previously expressed concerns about Rodgers' personality and potential fit with the organization, but after seeing how well Rodgers has meshed with his new teammates, it's hard to argue with Klecko's change in opinion.

NY Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers continues to win people over

Klecko wasn't alone in his pre-trade criticism of Rodgers. Numerous analysts and NFL figures were skeptical that a Rodgers/Jets pairing would work, with many citing his deteriorated relationship with the Packers as a primary reason.

Rodgers had garnered a reputation, whether fair or not, for being difficult to work with. He wasn't seen as a mentor to young players. Many blamed him for his relationship with the Packers souring. He was grating, irritable, and selfish. That was the narrative.

But Rodgers has done everything possible to squash that narrative since joining the Jets. He's been a vocal team leader on and off the field. He's gone out of his way to mentor and praise the younger players on the team. He's everything Jets fans were told he wouldn't be.

That's why it shouldn't be seen as shameful for Klecko to change his stance. It's perfectly normal to alter your opinion on a subject when new information is revealed. Not even the most optimistic of Jets fans could have envisioned this version of Aaron Rodgers in New York.

He looks refreshed, reinvigorated, and rejuvenated. Rodgers has a new lease on life and is seemingly living it up in New York. There's been no talk of the "New York media." Rodgers has crushed every interview he's done to this point. If anything, he's taken extra time to speak to reporters.

Only time will tell if Rodgers is able to make it work on the field, but any pre-trade concerns about his potential fit with the Jets from a personality standpoint have been nullified.

Klecko is far from the only individual who has changed his opinion on Rodgers.