NFL analyst says the NY Jets should pursue Jameis Winston this offseason

NY Jets, Jameis Winston
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The NY Jets have to be pleased with the development they've seen from Zach Wilson in recent weeks. The rookie quarterback has taken major strides and is playing the best football of his NFL career at the moment.

But some still aren't impressed.

On the latest episode of The Ringer NFL Show podcast, Kevin Clark and Nora Princiotti were joined by Steven Ruiz to discuss a variety of topics. Early in the show, the subject of Zach Wilson and the Jets came up.

In somewhat of a tangent, Clark asked Ruiz about the Jets' quarterback situation and what QBs the team could pursue this offseason, seemingly as a replacement for Wilson.

Both sides agreed that Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers were no-brainer decisions, but things got interesting when Clark asked Ruiz who the worst quarterback he would theoretically pursue if he were the Jets this offseason.

Ruiz responded by insisting that he would pursue Jameis Winston this offseason if he were GM of the Jets. Clark didn't disagree either. The question was then asked to Princiotti who responded with a disrespectful "like four years ago Ryan Fitzpatrick."

Yes, these are the conversations we're having now.

No, the NY Jets should not replace Zach Wilson with Jameis Winston

Let's discuss a few caveats first. Ruiz later clarified on Twitter that this was merely a thought exercise and that he wasn't actually suggesting the Jets should pursue Winston, although that's certainly how it came across to most.

However, in that same tweet, Ruiz insisted that he doesn't believe Wilson will ever be better than Winston. It's safe to say that many will obviously disagree with such a take.

Again, it should be noted that the question was phrased as what each of them would do if they were Joe Douglas. That's probably what makes their responses so egregious.

Wilson, for all his early-season rookie struggles, has looked like a completely different quarterback since returning from injury. He looks confident, he's protecting the ball, playing efficient football, and has drastically improved upon his short and medium accuracy.

Is he the long-term answer for the Jets? It's far too early to provide a definitive answer. But to suggest that the Jets should consider replacing him with a low-tier starter in Winston after just one season is downright absurd. There's no defense for that.

Clark specifically clarified that this wasn't a case of "which QB you would rather have starting right now." This was about which quarterbacks you would pursue to replace Wilson.

Wilson was the No. 2 overall pick in this year's draft, has improved throughout the season despite a very poor supporting cast, and is currently playing efficient football as a rookie on a four-win team.

To suggest the Jets would consider moving on, especially for a player like Winston or "four years ago Ryan Fitzpatrick" is just silly, even if it was just a "thought exercise."

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Needless to say, Zach Wilson will be the Jets' Week 1 starting quarterback next season and the team will hope to see continued progress from the young signal-caller.