NY Jets reportedly hosted another unknown QB on a visit

The Jets didn't just look into Trevor Siemian...
NY Jets, Trevor Siemian
NY Jets, Trevor Siemian / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The NY Jets finally signed a veteran quarterback to their roster (read: practice squad) this week when they added former Denver Broncos QB Trevor Siemian. Siemian wasn't the only QB the team looked into, however.

CBS Sports' Josina Anderson reported on Thursday that the Jets brought in another quarterback for a visit this week, although the identity of said QB has not been revealed at this time.

"I personally believe there is never a reason not to work out players...although I’m aware another one visited that hasn’t been mentioned anywhere I’ve seen."

Josina Anderson

While NFL teams are required to report any official workouts or visits to the league office, teams can sometimes get away with bringing players in for "unofficial" visits. That's probably the case for the Jets here.

Again, the identity of the quarterback Anderson is referring to is unknown. The Jets reportedly also reached out to former Kansas City Chiefs backup Chad Henne after the Aaron Rodgers injury, but Henne has insisted he's content in retirement.

Colt McCoy is the only other known quarterback the Jets were interested in. McCoy was said to be weighing his options earlier this week before the team signed Siemian. Perhaps he was the mystery quarterback in question.

What other QB did the NY Jets bring in for a visit?

The Jets have been connected to seemingly every potentially available quarterback under the sun over the last few weeks. From Matt Ryan to Blake Bortles to Josh Johnson to even Tom Brady, every quarterback imaginable was proposed as a "what if" scenario.

There were rumors last week that Ryan and Carson Wentz's agents had reached out to the Jets about the possibility of joining the team. Ryan somewhat denied those rumors in an interview last week, although he did suggest that his agent may have reached out.

As for Wentz, it's possible the Jets decided to bring him in. He is arguably the best available free-agent quarterback on the market, although some of the off-field character concerns may have scared the Jets (and other teams) away.

Perhaps the Jets brought in a big name like Ryan or Ben Roethlisberger and wanted to keep it under wraps. Those names are obviously unlikely, but it would explain why the team didn't want the report to get out.

The most likely scenario is that the Jets brought in someone like McCoy. As for why it wasn't reported as an "official" visit, your guess is as good as mine. Maybe the Jets just didn't want to muddy the waters with another quarterback in the mix.

Whatever the case, it seems as though it wasn't Trevor Siemian or bust for the Jets. They considered other options before deciding that Siemian was their preferred target.