NY Jets can solidify themselves as the premier 'Hard Knocks' team

The Jets will officially be on 'Hard Knocks' this summer, but there's no reason to panic
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

It's official. The announcement that has seemed inevitable for months has finally been made. The NY Jets have been selected as this summer's "Hard Knocks" team.

It's a decision that has seemed likely dating back to January, and it's one that became even more obvious following the team's acquisition of Aaron Rodgers. The Jets may not want it, but it's happening.

Because of the Jets' vocal opposition to the hit HBO show, many have shown concern about the team appearing on "Hard Knocks." Some believe it will be a distraction. Others just aren't happy about the Jets being forced to do it.

But fear not. The Jets appearing on "Hard Knocks" should have no bearing on their success in 2023. History is on their side.

The NY Jets should not be concerned about 'Hard Knocks'

The last time the Jets made the playoffs was the 2010 season, which also happens to be the last time the team was on "Hard Knocks." The Jets went on to make it all the way to the AFC Championship Game — the farthest any "Hard Knocks" team has made it during the show's existence.

That doesn't mean others haven't found success, however. Just last year, the Detroit Lions exceeded expectations, finishing 9-8 and just missing out on the playoffs. The year prior, the Dallas Cowboys won 12 games and finished atop the NFC East.

The 2020 Los Angeles Rams also put together a successful season, winning 10 games and a playoff game. Of the 18 teams to appear on the show, seven have gone on to make the playoffs — a quality ratio, given that most "Hard Knocks" teams are typically coming off lackluster seasons.

There is no direct correlation between a team's success (or lack thereof) and appearing on "Hard Knocks." Take it from former Jets offensive tackle Damien Woody, who was with the team the last time they were on the show.

Woody praised NFL Films for doing a "wonderful job," insisting that "Hard Knocks" won't be a distraction for the Jets. He urged fans to "embrace it and have fun," suggesting that his team "sure did back in 2010."

The Jets have a chance to be the most successful "Hard Knocks" team in the show's history. You could argue they already are, but if Aaron Rodgers helps lead this team to the playoffs again in 2023, that fact will be undisputed.

The Jets have an opportunity to claim "Hard Knocks" as their show. Do as Damien Woody says — embrace the assignment. Make the "Hard Knocks" name synonymous with the New York Jets.