NY Jets not happy with the Packers in Aaron Rodgers trade negotiations

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

The NY Jets and Green Bay Packers have been engaged in intense trade negotiations involving Aaron Rodgers for weeks if not months now. And while some progress has been made, it's evident that said progress has been slow.

The Jets and Packers haven't been able to see eye to eye on what Rodgers' perceived value is. It seems clear that the only outcome to this situation is Rodgers ending up with the Jets, but until the two sides can reach an agreement, no trade can become official.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk joined The Pat McAfee Show on Wednesday to discuss the latest with Rodgers, and he shared that the Jets believe Green Bay's front office has been "unreasonable and irrational" in negotiation.

Most of this centers around the Packers' insistence that the Jets include the No. 13 overall pick in any trade. Florio insists that the Packers have essentially realized that, despite their wishes, general manager Joe Douglas is not seriously considering parting ways with the Jets' first-round pick this year.

The Packers are no longer asking for the 13th overall pick, a notion that was essentially confirmed by general manager Brian Gutekunst at the NFL's league meetings earlier this week. Gutekunst admitted that the Packers won't necessarily recoup a first-round pick in the eventual Rodgers trade.

The NY Jets appear closer to an Aaron Rodgers trade resolution

This latest revelation seems to suggest that the Jets and Packers are inching closer to an agreement. The most recent holdup appears to be the Jets' insistence on conditional draft compensation, while the Packers would prefer straight-up draft picks in return.

The Jets want conditions attached to any 2024 draft capital they'd part with and are even hoping to add a conditional 2025 draft pick that would be dependent on Rodgers' roster status next year. If he doesn't play in 2024, the Jets want some insurance.

The Packers, of course, have been hesitant to send the Jets any draft picks along with Rodgers. The optics of trading one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history for relatively cheap doesn't sit well with the organization or its fanbase.

But that's the reality of trades in the NFL. Player performance and skill level matter in determining an individual's value, but oftentimes contract, age, and circumstances matter even more. That's what's happening here with Rodgers.

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Either way, the Jets weren't pleased with the Packers' insistence on including a 2023 first-round pick. Now that that dispute has reportedly been resolved, the two teams can hopefully come to a resolution sooner rather than later.