NY Jets WR Garrett Wilson struggling with drops this summer

NY Jets, Garrett Wilson
NY Jets, Garrett Wilson / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets believe they have a future star on their hands in rookie wide receiver Garrett Wilson. Wilson has flashed his potential throughout the summer, but that doesn't mean his training camp has been perfect. Far from it.

While Wilson has provided glimpses of the player the Jets drafted him to be, he's also dealt with his fair share of drop issues. That continued during Friday's joint practice with the Atlanta Falcons when he dropped the first pass thrown his way.

Now, it should be noted that Wilson first beat Falcons star cornerback A.J. Terrell on a quick slant route on that very play. On top of that, he rebounded well and scored on the very next play (albeit against the backup defense).

Still, it's notable that Wilson has had his issues with drops. Notable, but not necessarily concerning.

Why Garrett Wilson's drop issues aren't a concern for the NY Jets

It's very common for young wide receivers to struggle with drops early in their career. Just look at what happened with Ja'Marr Chase last summer. Chase struggled mightily with drops all throughout the summer, only to explode onto the scene with one of the best rookie seasons in NFL history.

Does this mean that Garrett Wilson will replicate Chase's production? Of course not. But Chase is far from the first rookie wide receiver to run into drop concerns early on.

Sometimes it's a case of rookies adapting to the speed of the NFL game. Sometimes it comes down to a difference in the size/shape of the ball. Sometimes it's just a mental thing. Whatever the cause, Wilson's case of the "dropsies" is very normal.

What really matters is that Wilson has flashed his talent and looks every part of the game-changing player the Jets selected 10th overall in this year's draft.

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It may take some time for Wilson to ramp up to the speed of the NFL, especially in an offensive scheme that is notoriously difficult for first-year wideouts. But there's no reason to believe that Wilson won't be fine in the long run.

Don't sound the alarms just yet. Garrett Wilson will be just fine.