The NY Jets' final 4 games have implications that extend beyond 2022

NY Jets, Mike White, Robert Saleh
NY Jets, Mike White, Robert Saleh / Joshua Bessex/GettyImages

The NY Jets find themselves at a pivotal point of the season. Back-to-back losses where the team had their chances to win has put them in a position where they will have to win the majority, if not all, of their games the rest of the way for a shot at the postseason.

Most fans' expectations this season have risen from just "be competitive" to "let's not waste a golden opportunity to make the playoffs."

While the latter goal is still very much in sight, the young Jets core and coaching staff will also gain a lot of value by going through this intense stretch of games.

An organization that hasn't felt this type of pressure to win will surely benefit from going through these experiences. A ticket to the dance will be the gift for a team that will now have nearly zero margin for error.

They have already learned the harsh lesson of holding on to a weak link for too long as Zach Wilson's play was costly to the team's success. Throughout games this season, this young team has also figured out that you need to take full advantage when a team allows an opportunity for them to win the game.

In losses to the Bills, Vikings, and Patriots, the Jets had their chance to seize the momentum of the game but failed to live up to the moment. For a group with tremendous potential and growth, these lessons will go a long way as hard as they may be to witness at the moment.

Gang Green will also gain valuable insight into their future quarterback situation down the stretch. After Mike White's gutsy performance in Buffalo, he has the full support and respect of the locker room and other members of the NFL.

With the remaining matchups left on the schedule, White could create a situation where the Jets are nearly forced into making him the QB1 heading into 2023.

If his play remains at around the same level or elevates beyond what's doing now while the team wins, fans and teammates will be clamoring for White to be atop the depth chart next year.

If he falters or gets injured, the looming return of Zach Wilson will give the team even more of a sample size to determine how much (or little) faith they have in the No. 2 overall pick.

Somewhere in the middle of those two options will leave the team in a foggy place heading into the off-season.

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The intensity of these next four weeks will be tense and fun. There will be plenty that comes from this stretch that will have a major effect on the organization for years to come.