NY Jets to start/sit in fantasy football against the Vikings in Week 13

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NY Jets to start with reservations

  • Elijah Moore
  • Ty Johnson* (Assuming he's RB2)

It's unheard of for me to suggest starting a wide receiver who's only accumulated four catches in their last three games, but here I am telling you it's okay to start Elijah Moore. In the end, all he ever wanted to do was be involved in the offense, and with White at the helm, that will be a certainty.

As we mentioned last week, White's 405-yard performance last year against Cincinnati included 20 (!) targets to slot wide receivers. While we shouldn't assume 44% of his pass attempts to go to the slot every game, we should feel comfortable assuming that it will be a constant that could erupt any game.

With a game that expects to see multiple touchdowns on both sides, I'm sure Moore would like to add several this year after tasting his first score of the year so late in the season.

White at the helm was the catalyst for the five-game stretch that saw Moore look like one of the best receivers in football last year — it looks like there is a direct correlation between White's play and Moore's success.

As for Ty Johnson, replace him in your mind with "RB2." Whoever you feel will be the RB2 in this game is the man you should start with reservations. I say that because the fantasy and betting worlds seem certain that Zonovan Knight is the RB1 heading into the game, but I'm not as convinced.

Look at the explosion here — this is Johnson's first touchdown of the year. Another fun fact, three of Johnson's last four NFL touchdowns occurred in a game where White started.

We know White will target his backs in the passing game in addition to their rushing output, so running backs are the biggest beneficiaries of White starting.

As a result, we can feel comfortable assuming that two running backs will have good games this week, but which one will be the better one? Knight had three times the number of carries and catches as Johnson, but the yardage totals don't show as much of a discrepancy.

Johnson averaged 12.4 yards per carry to Knight's 4.9 yards per carry and 16.0 yards per catch vs. Knight's 11.3 yards per catch. Assuming this game is very close and competitive, I'd imagine Mike LaFleur and Saleh will opt to ride the hot hand, and if Johnson continues his explosiveness, he could end up being RB1.