NY Jets fans react to a star-studded 2022 NFL Draft class

NY Jets, Ahmad Gardner
NY Jets, Ahmad Gardner / David Becker/GettyImages

The NY Jets have had very little to cheer for over the past 10 years, and looking back on the roster from the Mike Maccaganan days, no one would be blamed if they jumped ship. But 2022 may be the official turning point for this franchise.

The Jets followed up a fantastic Day 1 of the draft, where they drafted studs in their three biggest positions of need with Garrett Wilson, Sauce Gardner, and Jermaine Johnson, but it was only the beginning.

Joe Douglas and company followed that up by adding arguably the best running back in the draft and a tight end with future starter potential, and with the team's solid free agency and 2021 draft class, things may be looking up.

While we can’t know that for sure and there will still be Gang Green doubters, especially until the day the team once again reaches the playoffs, there has been nothing but praise for their efforts in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Whether ex-players, analysts, or fans in general, the team has been getting the attention they deserve for the quality of this draft. It’s safe to say that Jets fans couldn’t be happier.

NY Jets fans are ecstatic about the team's 2022 NFL Draft class

It wasn’t just the Jets fans on Twitter reacting positively, however, as some were able to get up close and personal with first-round pick Jermaine Johnson, making it clear that this fan base is starving for, and deserves, a winner.

It’s not hard to see why Jets fans are excited as Joe Douglas has delivered on the promise to surround his young QB with talent on both sides of the ball. Now it’s up to Zach Wilson to finally give this team the winner it desires.

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With three new starters and two other drafted players that will see significant game time, the Jets have finally put the pieces around Zach Wilson. If he can take the next step, this team could be very fun to watch.