NY Jets fans are convinced the NFL is rigged after Sunday Night Screwjob

The NFL has some explaining to do
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The NFL has some serious explaining to do after last night's embarrassing referee performance in the NY Jets' 23-20 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football.

On a night that was expected to be dominated by Travis Kelce/Taylor Swift headlines, Jets quarterback Zach Wilson stole the spotlight and nearly led his team to one of the most improbable wins in franchise history.

Unfortunately, that's not the narrative coming out of the game. Instead, the topic has shifted to a myriad of blatantly missed calls by the referees in Sunday night's game.

It's gotten so bad that Jets fans — and NFL fans, for that matter — are convinced the NFL rigged the game in favor of Kelce, Swift, and the Chiefs. While it may just be a conspiracy theory, there's some evidence to support the notion.

The NFL owes Zach Wilson and the NY Jets an apology

The most egregious of a string of referee blunders came late in the fourth quarter on a Patrick Mahomes pass that was intercepted by Jets cornerback Michael Carter II. The play was called back because of a puzzling holding penalty against Sauce Gardner.

The hold in question, which was hardly a penalty to begin with, occurred while the ball was still in Patrick Mahomes' hands. Meanwhile, the flag wasn't thrown until after Carter secured the interception.

The referee waited to see Carter intercept the pass and then decided that the "hold" Gardner committed before the ball was even thrown was a penalty. Gardner shared the perfect analogy for the situation when speaking to reporters after the game.

Combine that with the NFL's forced agenda with Kelce and Swift, and it's easy to see why some fans have come to this conclusion. The NFL changed their Twitter profile banner to a series of Taylor Swift photos. The league changed its Instagram bio to "Chiefs are 2-0 as Swifties."

The NFL has an agenda here. That was made clear during the broadcast, and it's been made even more obvious after the game ended. The league wanted the Chiefs to win that game.

Now, did that agenda impact the referee's decisions? That's probably a stretch, but it isn't hard to see why conspiracy theories are spreading.

Heck, you have everyone from neutral fans and analysts to Robert Saleh's brother to even Jets beat reporters calling out this alleged conspiracy. It's picking up steam — people are not happy with what happened last night.

The NFL stole a potential win from the Jets last night. Call it the Sunday Night Screwjob because that's exactly what it was.