NY Jets fans can't believe their team didn't trade for Josh Dobbs

The Jets could've had Josh Dobbs for pennies...
NY Jets, Joshua Dobbs
NY Jets, Joshua Dobbs / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

The NY Jets have a quarterback problem. They might not want to admit it. The organization might be stubborn in its commitment to Zach Wilson. But the problem exists — and it's obvious to everyone else watching.

They've had multiple opportunities to potentially fix that problem too. Case in point: Josh Dobbs.

The new Minnesota Vikings quarterback continues to impress, and with his team cruising to a second straight victory with Dobbs under center, many Jets fans have been left scratching their heads as to why their team didn't even consider making a move for Dobbs.

The Vikings acquired Dobbs from the Arizona Cardinals at the trade deadline for a measly sixth-round pick. Now, Dobbs, taking over for the injured Kirk Cousins, has helped salvage the Vikings' season.

Jets fans took to social media on Sunday to express their disapproval.

Fans are upset the NY Jets didn't trade for Josh Dobbs

Dobbs has been a revelation for both the Cardinals and Vikings this season. The former Pittsburgh Steelers mid-round pick has thrown 10 touchdowns and five interceptions while also rushing for an additional four touchdowns.

He hasn't thrown an interception since Week 5 and has almost immediately stepped into the starting lineup in two different situations, helping stabilize both offenses.

Meanwhile, the Jets continue to stick by their quarterback despite his obvious struggles. Wilson has fumbled eight times over his last five games, and the Jets haven't scored on a touchdown drive of longer than one play since Week 4.

Despite this, reports suggest the Jets have no plans to bench Wilson anytime soon. They're content with their quarterback play, even if everyone else watching isn't.

They don't want to consider giving Trevor Siemian or Tim Boyle an opportunity. They hung the phone up on Carson Wentz both times he called them this season. They never even entertained the possibility of trading for Dobbs or another quarterback.

With the Jets' postseason odds dwindling by the week, they continue to reaffirm their commitment to Wilson as their quarterback.

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The Jets offense perfectly encapsulates that word. And Zach Wilson is the poster boy for it.