NY Jets rejected Carson Wentz offer despite Zach Wilson struggles

The Jets said no to Carson Wentz
NY Jets, Carson Wentz
NY Jets, Carson Wentz / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Everyone realizes the NY Jets have a quarterback problem. From analysts to fans, the Jets' continued commitment to Zach Wilson has been criticized and openly mocked by the general public. Heck, even Carson Wentz recognizes it.

According to NFL Network, Wentz reportedly reached out to the Jets for the second time this year about a potential opportunity. This was, of course, before Wentz signed with the Los Angeles Rams.

The Jets, however, insisted they had no interest in the former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, reaffirming their commitment to Wilson as their QB. Wentz previously reached out to the Jets in September and received a similar response.

Despite Wilson's obvious and persistent struggles, the Jets reportedly have no plans to bench their third-year quarterback anytime soon. Robert Saleh's weekly defense of Wilson isn't just lip service — the Jets are committed to him as their QB.

Carson Wentz couldn't convince the NY Jets to consider benching Zach Wilson

The Jets' offense has been a train wreck through the first eight games of the season. They've managed just eight offensive touchdowns in eight games and haven't executed a touchdown drive of more than one play since Week 4.

While Wilson isn't the only issue with the offense, he is a notable one. The former BYU standout has eight fumbles over his last five games and has exasperated all of the Jets' offensive issues around him.

He holds onto the ball too long, his accuracy remains a concern, and his pocket presence is nearly nonexistent. The Jets have relied on defensive takeaways and perfect special teams performances to win games this season.

Yet, the Jets have stuck by Wilson. They remain smitten with his performance in the Kansas City Chiefs game and believe he gives them the most upside of their current quarterbacks.

While that may be true, the Jets should probably be more concerned with consistency and mistake-free football than upside. Wilson hasn't been able to provide either.

Wentz may not be the beacon of mistake-free football, either, but he has a much stronger track record of success than Wilson. After all, Wentz threw 27 touchdowns and just seven interceptions two years ago as a starter in Indianapolis.

Wilson has thrown 20 touchdowns in his entire NFL career. He's tossed 23 interceptions and fumbled 14 times over the last three years as well. You can't consistently win football games with QB performances like that.

It doesn't matter, though. Even though the entire NFL world continues to publicly ridicule the Jets for their undying commitment to Wilson, nothing is expected to change.

They were never interested in Wentz, just like they're not interested in playing the other two quarterbacks on their roster. This is the Zach Wilson show, for better or (more likely) worse.