NY Jets players react to embarrassing Madden face scans

Madden continues to embarrass itself...
NY Jets, C.J. Uzomah
NY Jets, C.J. Uzomah / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The Madden NFL video game franchise has received its fair share of criticism — most of it very warranted — over the last decade or so, and that doesn't seem likely to end anytime soon.

Apart from the game's sorry excuse for a franchise mode and its arcade-like physics, Madden has also come under fire for its striking lack of attention to detail. Nowhere is that more evident than with the video game's face scans for players.

NY Jets players have taken notice to this.

While the official Madden 24 game won't be released until this summer, EA Sports does release a closed beta version of the game for certain fans to trial before it goes live.

A few images of select Jets players from the closed beta leaked on Twitter this week, and to say the face scans for these players are embarrassing would be an understatement. It's as if Madden just randomly generated player faces.

NY Jets players call out Madden over shameful face scans

Two Jets players, in particular, took notice of these leaked face scans on Twitter — tight end C.J. Uzomah and cornerback D.J. Reed. Just look at these hilariously terrible face scans that are supposed to look like their real-life counterparts.

Google a quick image of Reed and Uzomah for reference if you must. These might as well be randomly generated faces because they look nothing like Reed and Uzomah.

Reed even offered up some tips to the Madden developers if they wanted to improve his face scan for the official game release.

Madden didn't just do Uzomah and Reed dirty, however. Just take a look at the character that's supposed to represent Jets offensive lineman Alijah Vera-Tucker. Mind you, the Michael Carter image above him is much better.

Madden clearly has the ability to get some of these face scans right. That thread posted by Twitter user @JGrayJets features a number of excellent face scans for the likes of Garrett Wilson, Mekhi Becton, and Sauce Gardner.

But for whatever reason, it's as if Madden didn't try for the vast majority of players. They simply chose a handful of players on every roster to portray accurately while just ignoring the rest.

Maybe Madden fixes these faces in time for the game's release this summer. Or, more likely, EA Sports will continue to put minimal effort into their NFL video game series while still raking in record money each year.

I'd bank on the latter.