NY Jets getting egregiously snubbed in Pro Bowl voting

Pro Bowl voting has not been kind to the Jets

NY Jets, Sauce Gardner, Jermaine Johnson
NY Jets, Sauce Gardner, Jermaine Johnson / Al Bello/GettyImages

The 2023 season may ultimately be a lost one for the NY Jets, but that doesn't mean there haven't been a number of players on the roster putting together award-worthy campaigns.

The likes of Sauce Gardner, D.J. Reed, Quinnen Williams, C.J. Mosley, and many others have all been among the best players at their positions this season. But what if I told you that none of those players are currently in the top 10 of Pro Bowl voting at their respective positions?

Voting for the 2024 Pro Bowl officially opened this week, giving NFL fans a chance to send their favorite players to the new Pro Bowl Games in Orlando. However, it seems Jets fans haven't really paid much attention to the voting.

The Jets currently have only five players in the top 10 of voting at their positions, and none of them are higher than fourth.

Quincy Williams is fourth among all linebackers, Xavier Gipson is sixth among return specialists, Thomas Morstead is the seventh-ranked punter, Jordan Whitehead is the eighth-highest strong safety, and Nick Bawden is ninth among fullbacks.

Yes, the likes of Gipson, Whitehead, and Bawden are among the top vote-getters at their position...but Gardner, Reed, Williams, etc. are not. Someone make it make sense.

How many Pro Bowlers will the NY Jets have this season?

On paper, the Jets should probably have around 4-5 Pro Bowlers at a minimum this season. Gardner and Quinnen Williams are obvious picks, as both are in the conversation for the best player at their position.

Reed and Mosley are both frequently overlooked by their flashier position-mates, but each of them has put together arguably the best season of their careers. They both belong in the Pro Bowl discussion.

Quincy Williams is the only Jets player who seems likely to get in based on voting. Quinnen's older brother has put together a breakout performance in 2023 and deserves to be recognized as one of the elite linebackers in football.

Then there's someone like Michael Carter II, who, while arguably the best slot corner in the NFL, is likely going to be a victim of the NFL's archaic Pro Bowl voting system. The system doesn't differentiate between outside and nickel cornerbacks, so Carter is going up against guys who don't even play the same position as him.

There's no doubt that Morstead and some other Jets specialists deserve consideration as well. Morstead currently leads the NFL in total punt yards and is averaging his highest yards per punt since his last Pro Bowl campaign in 2012.

Fortunately for the Jets players, fan voting only counts for 33 percent of the selection process. The remainder of the process is determined by players (33 percent) and coaches (33 percent).

There are quite a few Jets players who deserve to be in the Pro Bowl conversation, many of whom haven't even been mentioned in this article. Here's to hoping Jets fans pick up the slack over the final 10 days of Pro Bowl voting.

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