Boomer Esiason foolishly suggests the NY Jets might cut Mekhi Becton

NY Jets, Mekhi Becton
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Few players have come under more scrutiny over the last 9-10 months than NY Jets offensive tackle Mekhi Becton. Following an extremely promising rookie season, Becton's sophomore NFL campaign was a bit of a disaster all things considered.

A knee injury sidelined him for all but one game and he became the subject of various rumors related to his weight, work ethic, and future with the Jets organization. Those rumors persisted throughout the offseason, and the third-year offensive lineman remains a major talking point into the summer.

Some of the criticism has been warranted. Others have taken it a step too far.

That was the case when WFAN's Boomer Esiason discussed Becton's return to Jets minicamp last week on Thursday. Esiason went as far as to call Becton "unhealthy," guess his weight, and even suggested that the Jets might cut him this summer.

Needless to say, that isn't going to happen.

"Looking at [Becton] in his clothes as opposed to on a football field, this guy is approaching 400 pounds. To me, he looks like he weighs somewhere between 395 and 400. OK? That is not good. Not good for him health-wise, first and foremost. I would probably beat $100 that he is over 395. I know what I’m looking at. I’m looking at an unhealthy guy, a guy who can wear a T-shirt and do whatever he wants on Instagram. … I was waiting to see what this looks like and this ain’t good."

Boomer Esiason

The NY Jets won't be cutting Mekhi Becton this summer

Esiason begins his rant by suggesting that he'd be willing to bet money that Becton weighs over 395 pounds. Remember, he's basing this on a video of Becton's press conference with the media last week.

Evidently, that video and the subsequent video of Becton stretching with his teammates on the practice field were enough to convince Esiason that he knows exactly how much the Jets' offensive tackle weighs.

Those videos were enough for Esiason to determine that Becton was "an unhealthy guy." Of course, this is despite the fact that Becton has been working with a nutritionist all offseason.

His diet has been anti-inflammatory, alkaline, and free of processed foods while he consumes three times the amount of fruits and vegetables that he did before, according to his nutritionist Ann Claiborne.

But sure, a video of Becton speaking at a podium is better evidence that the man is living an "unhealthy" life.

Esiason's co-host, Greg Giannotti, later asked if there was a chance that Becton might get even bigger before training camp. That's when Esiason astutely jumped in with an "I’m thinking in training camp he could get cut."

Once again, there's approximately a zero percent chance that Becton is released this summer. From a logical to a financial standpoint, that suggestion isn't even worth combatting. It just isn't going to happen.

Ultimately, this type of unwarranted criticism will continue until Becton proves himself on the gridiron. It isn't right, but that's the world of sports media, specifically talk radio.

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Mekhi Becton said last week that he was hoping to make his detractors "eat their words" this season. If he does, Esiason might just need to go back for a second serving.