NY Jets could actually re-sign Bryce Huff due to unexpectedly slow market

The Jets might be able to re-sign Bryce Huff after all

Bryce Huff tackles Josh Allen
Bryce Huff tackles Josh Allen / Jamie Germano/Rochester Democrat and

It's seemed inevitable for weeks if not months that the NY Jets would part ways with star pass rusher Bryce Huff this offseason. Huff's market has been expected to be robust, and few anticipated the Jets valuing him enough to offer a big-money extension.

But just a few weeks out from the start of free agency, that situation may have changed.

SNY's Connor Hughes spoke about Huff's impending free agency on The Jake Asman Show on Tuesday, and he revealed that one source told him Huff's market value might only be around $12-14 million per year.

Hughes added that the specific contract estimate he received was in the ballpark of three years, $42 million — a far cry from the $18-20 million per season that many expected Huff would receive.

If Huff's market value is indeed hovering around $12-14 million per year, Hughes said that he believes the Jets could make it work with their talented pass rusher. There may be hope after all.

The NY Jets might still be able to re-sign Bryce Huff

The former undrafted free agent is coming off a career year in which he became the first Jets edge rusher to record 10+ sacks in a season in the last decade. He's been among the most productive and efficient pass rushers in the NFL over the last two years.

No player in the league has a higher pressure rate than Huff since the start of the 2022 season, and only Dallas Cowboys All-Pro Micah Parsons finished with a higher pressure rate in 2023. Huff is a star by every possible metric.

Despite his on-field dominance, the Jets have continued to undervalue Huff. While Huff began to play as more of a three-down starter in 2023, the Jets clearly see him as more of a rotational piece moving forward. This is, of course, despite the fact that his efficiency didn't decline in an expanded role last season.

The Jets rotate their defensive linemen more than any team in the NFL, and after using first-round picks in consecutive years on edge rushers, the writing has been on the wall for Huff's departure.

That said, if his market is actually as low as Hughes suggests, there's a real chance the Jets would be willing to pay that figure. After all, it doesn't make much sense to part ways with one of the best players on the roster at a premium position in a must-win season.

Combine that with the fact that the 2024 salary cap will be significantly higher than initially expected, thus benefiting teams with less cap space like the Jets, and it seems much more plausible that Huff will remain in New York next season.

Huff has made it clear that he intends to sign with the highest bidder this offseason. I still wouldn't bank on it, but there's at least a chance that team is the Jets.