NY Jets should be concerned about new Dalvin Cook details

The Jets' pursuit of Dalvin Cook just got a lot more complicated
NY Jets, Dalvin Cook
NY Jets, Dalvin Cook / David Berding/GettyImages

The NY Jets are one of a few teams that remain interested in signing four-time Pro Bowl running back Dalvin Cook. However, their pursuit of Cook might have become more complicated.

According to Rochelle Olson of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Cook reportedly offered a former girlfriend, Gracelyn Trimble, $1 million to send a letter to the NFL “relieving Mr. Cook of any wrongdoing” for allegations of domestic violence against the free-agent running back.

Cook was initially accused of assault, battery, and false imprisonment back in November of 2021, stemming from an incident in November of the last year. Cook has denied all allegations and has sued Trimble and her lawyer for defamation.

The details of Trimble's allegations can be found using this link. Be warned, they're rather graphic.

As it pertains to football, this obviously complicates Cook's chances of signing with a team in the near future.

Why the NY Jets should avoid Dalvin Cook at this stage

Apart from any moral objections, this potentially could throw a wrench into the Jets' running back plans. Cook's requested letter to the NFL suggests that he is concerned about possibly facing discipline under the league's Personal Conduct Policy.

NBC Sports' Mike Florio seems to suggest there's a chance Cook might be suspended by the NFL at some point. That could defeat the entire purpose of signing him.

The Jets are interested in Cook due in large part to the possibility that Breece Hall won't be 100 percent to start the season. The team has a gauntlet of an early-season schedule, and signing Cook could help ease Hall back into a full workload.

But if Cook is suspended for the start of the season, signing him wouldn't exactly accomplish what the Jets are looking for.

The Jets' interest in Cook already depends on the health of Hall and how much they trust (or don't trust) their current running back depth. These latest details involving Cook's alleged letter request certainly don't help his case.

The Jets (and other NFL teams) would prefer for Cook's legal issues to be settled before signing him, although a timetable remains unclear. That very well might scare teams away in free agency.