The NY Jets are broken and nothing is going to change

Why should we care?
NY Jets, Robert Saleh
NY Jets, Robert Saleh / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

The NY Jets organization is broken. Anyone who has watched a Jets game over the last few weeks would be able to tell you that. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter. Nothing matters.

The Jets aren't going to change anything, mostly because there isn't really anything that can realistically be changed. They're not changing their offensive play-caller — they've made that abundantly clear.

Nathaniel Hackett is here to stay, at least as long as Aaron Rodgers is on the team. And even if he's replaced, it's hard to have any confidence in his likely replacement, Todd Downing, who led the 30th-ranked Tennessee Titans offense last season.

The offensive line has played 14 different players this season. The majority of the players on that line are not NFL-caliber players at this point. The same should go for a wide receiver room that started two undrafted rookies this week.

The Jets don't have the personnel or offensive coaching staff to turn anything around. It doesn't matter if it's Tim Boyle, Zach Wilson, or Trevor Siemian at quarterback — everything is broken, and nothing is changing.

The NY Jets are a disaster and nothing matters

What else is there to say at this point? The Jets still have six more games to play following their 34-13 loss to the Miami Dolphins this week. How can anyone have any faith that anything is going to change?

This is not an NFL-caliber offensive line. Injuries have decimated a unit that already had question marks going into the season. Their quarterback room might not have a single backup-caliber quarterback in it, either. Wilson and Boyle have a long track record that shows they are not.

Meanwhile, there isn't a single offensive coach under contract who has proven anything at the NFL level. This Jets offense is a perfect storm of ineptitude.

This is what happens when combine bad injury luck with an inept coaching staff and a roster that already had its fair share of issues.

There is no salvaging this season. There is nothing to root for. Nothing is changing until after the season ends, and at that point, everyone's jobs might be in jeopardy.