NY Jets find new way to humiliate themselves with embarrassing Hail Mary pick six

Only the Jets man
NY Jets, Tim Boyle
NY Jets, Tim Boyle / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

The NY Jets continue to find ways to embarrass themselves. As if their disgusting offensive performances every week weren't enough, the Jets found a new way to garner laughter during their Week 12 matchup with the Miami Dolphins on Black Friday.

With the Jets trailing 10-6, Nathaniel Hackett and the offense decided to take one final chance at the end zone at the very end of the first half. After all, what's the worst that can happen, right?

Tim Boyle dropped back to pass and fired it into the end zone, straight into the hands of Dolphins safety Jevon Holland. But that's fine. It's the last play of the half. Surely nothing can go wrong here.

Unfortunately, this is the Jets we're talking about. They're the kings of the unfortunate.

Holland took the interception back 100 yards and into the opposing end zone for a touchdown to give the Dolphins a 17-6 lead going into the second half. Only the Jets, man. Only the Jets.

NY Jets offense has reached a new low

Through two quarters, the Dolphins' offense has scored 10 points, the Dolphins' defense has scored six points, Jets' defense has scored six points, and the Jets' offense has scored -6 points.

This is the state of the Jets offense. It doesn't matter if it's Tim Boyle or Zach Wilson under center. The Jets don't have an NFL-caliber quarterback, offensive line, offensive coordinator, or wide receiver corps.

It's hard to have any faith in the offense given what they're working with, although it would be nice if plays like this didn't happen. But again, this is what we've come to expect from this Jets offense.

Everything is an embarrassment. The Jets continue to find ways to humiliate themselves.