NY Jets are the betting favorite to trade for Lamar Jackson

NY Jets, Lamar Jackson
NY Jets, Lamar Jackson / Courtney Culbreath/GettyImages

Another day, another NY Jets quarterback rumor. This time we're talking about Lamar Jackson and the latest betting odds regarding his future.

CBS Sports Sportsline released their odds for which team Jackson would be playing for in 2023, if not the Baltimore Ravens, and the Jets are currently the betting favorite at +200. No other team has higher odds to trade for the former MVP.

A few of the teams right behind the Jets include the Atlanta Falcons, Las Vegas Raiders, Carolina Panthers, and Indianapolis Colts. Of course, these odds are only accounting for the scenario in which he is traded. The Ravens are not included on the list.

Trade odds like this are always difficult to rely on, but the oddsmakers generally know what they're doing. This is just more evidence that, if Jackson is made available this offseason, the Jets will be very interested.

How feasible is a Lamar Jackson trade for the NY Jets?

The Ravens continue to insist that Jackson is their long-term quarterback of the present and future. They've said all the right things publicly and leaked all the right reports, but the actions of both parties involved tell a different story.

Jackson and the Ravens will reconvene in the coming days/weeks to discuss a new contract — one that Jackson hopes will pay him similar guarantees to the contract Deshaun Watson received. The Ravens, however, have been hesitant to offer such a deal.

Therein lies the issue. Combine that with some peculiar interactions between the two sides and Ravens fans likely aren't feeling too comfortable about the future of their star quarterback.

As for the Jets, they're undoubtedly monitoring the situation and seem likely to make some calls if the Ravens do decide to make Jackson available.

General manager Joe Douglas knows that his job is on the line. He knows that the Jets essentially have to reach the playoffs in 2023 or else he, and perhaps this entire regime, will be let go. His back is against the wall.

So you best believe that if a quarterback of Jackson's caliber becomes available, Douglas will do everything he can to make a competitive offer. It's a no-brainer, even when you consider the red flags.

As the tight betting odds indicate, however, the Jets will be far from the only team inquiring about Jackson's availability. There will be steep competition.

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Regardless, the Vegas oddsmakers clearly believe the Jets stand as good a chance as any team to trade for Lamar Jackson. Let the speculation continue.