NY Jets are primed for bigger and better things this season

New York Jets
New York Jets / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

New York Jets fans, the football season is once again upon us. This is a time that a lot of fans usually weren't super stoked about. We love the sport of football, but let's face it, being a New York Jets fan hasn't been easy in recent years. However, this year feels a bit different than others did.

The 2020 NFL season was one of the worst seasons for the New York Jets in franchise history. They finished the season with a record of 2-14. Out of 16 games, the Jets won just two of them. This was bad, just bad. The team finished However, last season came around, and things felt different.

With the Jets getting rid of Sam Darnold and finding a new head coach in Robert Saleh, there was a changing of the guard in New York. The Jets drafted Zach Wilson, and he was named the starter heading into his first NFL season last year.

The Jets finished the 2021 NFL season with a record of 4-12. A small improvement from the previous year, but still not the best. This was to be somewhat expected though, as there were going to be growing pains and a lot of trial and error, which there certainly was.

One thing we know for certain is that the Jets are primed for bigger and better things this year. The Jets will most likely not be making the Super Bowl and may certainly not even make the playoffs. One thing that a lot of Jets fans hope though is for the Jets to play one, just one, meaningful game in December.

Rome wasn't built in a night. This team won't be fixed right away. However, this is the season we will start to see everything begin to come together. Wilson is more ready for the league this year when he returns from injury. The defense got tremendously better with the addition of Sauce Gardner, and the offensive line also got better as well thanks to free agency.

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With all of these ingredients being said, we could start to see the Jets take a big leap forward. The Jets will most likely not be in the Super Bowl, as stated before, but this year we will see a different Jets team with a different feel to it. New York Jets fans, we truly have a lot to be excited about and it all starts this year.