Advantages and disadvantages of the 2022 NY Jets schedule

NY Jets, Robert Saleh, Sauce Gardner
NY Jets, Robert Saleh, Sauce Gardner / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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The NY Jets start their season in about one month, and the excitement around this team is still palpable from fans and within the organization despite some key injuries.

The one thing that many fans and those in the media use as a preface regarding that excitement is the daunting schedule that the team faces. While there will be great matchups for Jets fans to see, the expectations for the season should come with a grain of salt with the schedule in mind.

An important element of the schedule has to do with the timing that a team has to prepare for their opponent on a weekly basis. It's worth noting a handful of weeks where the Jets will either be at an advantage or disadvantage when rest and preparation come into play.

Week 4 at Pittsburgh - Disadvantage (10 days rest against the NY Jets)

The Jets will face a Pittsburgh Steelers team that has 10 days off as they will be playing on Thursday Night Football in Week 3.

This will be the final stretch of games that the Jets will be playing against the entire AFC North, ideally coming away from the four games with at least one if not two wins.

This could be a target game for Zach Wilson to come back from injury, so this could play a factor in the Steelers' additional time off from a preparation standpoint.

Week 5 vs. Miami - Disadvantage (10 days rest against the NY Jets)

There will be back-to-back weeks where the team is at a disadvantage as far as timing goes with the Miami Dolphins playing on Thursday Night Football in Week 4.

This is the first division game of the season and one that will be a statement game for a team that has a focus on making up ground within the AFC East.