NY Jets QB Aaron Rodgers has a surprising new workout partner

NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers / Chris Pedota, NorthJersey.com / USA

NY Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been embracing the celebrity lifestyle, so to speak, since arriving in New York earlier this offseason.

He's attended local sporting events, been spotted at Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran concerts, and even shown up on Broadway to attend a showing of the musical Wicked and later the annual Tony Awards.

Just because he's been the occasional celebrity appearance, however, doesn't mean he hasn't been putting in the work off the field. Rodgers shared a photo to his Instagram story on Monday that depicted him with a new workout partner.

This workout partner is no stranger to the New York spotlight, having spent the better part of the last four years playing for the Brooklyn Nets. Of course, we're talking about Phoenix Suns superstar Kevin Durant.

NY Jets QB Aaron Rodgers is hoping to do what Kevin Durant couldn't do for New York

Rodgers and Durant have both been among the elite players in their respective sports for well over a decade now. It should be no surprise that this photo of two of the sports world's most recognizable figures has gone semi-viral, sparking some always amusing reactions on social media.

As some have pointed out, Rodgers and Durant actually share a few things in common. Both players are generational talents who have arguably not won as many championships as you'd expect for players of their caliber. Durant has a pair of rings with the Golden State Warriors, while Rodgers has won just one Super Bowl in his career.

Both Rodgers and Durant have always played second-fiddle to arguably the greatest player of all time in their respective sports, Tom Brady and LeBron James. Each player has also been known to have a love/hate relationship with the media.

Of course, there are notable differences. Rodgers has played his entire career up until this point with one organization, while Durant has been criticized for his frequent team swapping. Rodgers has also won four MVPs compared to just one for Durant.

Either way, Rodgers will be hoping to accomplish the one thing Durant never did in his three seasons with the Nets. Rodgers is hoping to win a championship.

The Jets have legitimate Super Bowl aspirations in 2023, and Rodgers is the biggest reason why. As for Durant, he'll be under pressure of his own to win a championship with his stacked Suns team.

Maybe it's good that both players are working out together this spring. After all, they do face similar pressure to succeed next season. Perhaps they have more in common than many realize.

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Also, yes, it's June. That's why you're reading an article comparing Aaron Rodgers to Kevin Durant. I hope you enjoyed this thoroughly-researched analytical breakdown.