NY Jets 2023 Spring Depth Chart Preview: Wide receiver

NY Jets, Garrett Wilson
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Beyond the incredible duo of Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall, there have been some very lean years for the NY Jets at the wide receiver position in recent times, but after landing a superstar in the 2022 NFL Draft, it appears things have done a complete 180.

Not only have they landed Garrett Wilson, but free agency has been a solid avenue for the Jets over the past two years under Joe Douglas, and now that they have the quarterback they need, expect a big leap for many Jets receivers this year.

So if the Jets and Aaron Rodgers are to make it to the playoffs, with a potential Super Bowl run in mind, what do they need out of the wide receiver position? Who's ready to stand up and be a star? How is the depth of the team looking? Today, we delve right into it.

Depth chart

  • Garrett Wilson
  • Allen Lazard
  • Corey Davis
  • Mecole Hardman
  • Randall Cobb
  • Denzel Mims

What are the pros of the 2023 NY Jets wide receiver room?

After years of struggling to find even one impactful star on the outside, the biggest positive for the NY Jets in 2023 is their depth at the position, with six receivers that all have the potential to contribute: Garrett Wilson, Allen Lazard, Corey Davis, Mecole Hardman, Randall Cobb, and Denzel Mims.

Sure, one of those players is unlikely to be active on a weekly basis and could potentially be traded (with Mims as the obvious choice), but that just goes to show how deep this team is at the position, led by standout rookie from 2022, Garrett Wilson.

Even with Zach Wilson, Mike White, Joe Flacco, and Chris Streveler struggling a year ago, many of the Jets wide receivers were able to make somewhat of an impact, and now that a four-time MVP has joined the fray, this is a group that's ready to make their mark as one of the best in the NFL.

What are the cons of the 2023 NY Jets wide receiver room?

As for the cons of this group, the biggest one would be their lack of familiarity with the quarterback (beyond Lazard and Cobb), but given Rodgers' experience, this should be something that's easily dealt with by the time the first few weeks of the regular season rolls around.

Beyond that, no one in this group is proven at an elite level. While Wilson had over 1,100 yards in his rookie year, the NFL will now have tape on him and look to make adjustments, so if Wilson is getting double-teamed, which other player is a proven star that can consistently step up and make plays?

With Rodgers under center, the Jets finally have a quarterback who can help them overcome these issues. If they stay healthy all year long, this could be one of, if not the most effective group for this squad.

Who will be the biggest stud in 2023 for the NY Jets?

If Garrett Wilson was a stud during the 2022 NFL season when the Jets featured the No. 32 ranked quarterback play in the NFL, then it's safe to say with the addition of an 18-year veteran, he should again be the biggest star from this group.

During the 2022 campaign, Wilson hauled in 83 catches for 1,103 yards and four touchdowns, and with improvements at quarterback, along the offensive line, and in the wide receiver group, he should improve plenty in 2023.

While Wilson showed plenty of ability with speed, great route running, and solid hands, with another year of coaching and watching film — plus the mentorship of an NFL legend — he should improve his all-around game, making him potentially the team's biggest stud overall in 2023.

What are some storylines to watch regarding the 2023 NY Jets wide receiver room in OTAs and training camp?

Whenever a team brings in a new quarterback to a somewhat established unit, the adjustment period is something to watch early in the year, and given the expectations that come with Rodgers, Jets fans will be watching his chemistry with these wide receivers like a hawk.

Rodgers already has fantastic chemistry with both Lazard and Cobb, but watching his relationship with Davis, Wilson, Hardman, and Mims blossom could be one of the best stories this offseason, as it could make or break New York's Super Bowl hopes.

Beyond that, the progression of Denzel Mims is another interesting story to watch, as he's been on the brink of becoming a contributor for the past few years. With the addition of Aaron Rodgers to the side, this is a make-or-break year for the former Baylor standout.

Predictions for the 2023 NY Jets wide receiver room?

With a new superstar quarterback in town, the expectations for this group have risen immensely, and while no team can have four wide receivers hauling in over 1,000 yards, these Jets should have some big-time playmakers.

Fans should no doubt expect Garrett Wilson to exceed the 1,103 yards he hauled in a year ago, but with so much talent and only one ball, we can't predict that many Jets can replicate that type of success.

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With Lazard, Hardman, and Davis leading the way behind him, there should be plenty of touches to go around. If one of them can get hot, two-1,000 yard receivers wouldn't surprise anyone, and if they became a top-five unit in the league, it shouldn't surprise you either.