NY Jets 2022 spring depth chart preview: Running backs

NY Jets, Michael Carter
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4. What are the biggest RB storylines to watch at OTAs and training camp?

It's been mentioned a few times, and while we can make our assumptions, one of the top storylines to follow in OTAs and camp will be to see exactly how the Jets are going to split carries between Hall and Carter.

Beyond that, injuries happen, and watching who is taking the reps behind these two will be fun to see. The Jets could go with veteran Tevin Coleman, who impressed in his first year with the squad, or Ty Johnson, who has flashed in the past as well.

Ultimately, there isn't going to be much drama out of this group this offseason, just plenty of hard work, but seeing who the Jets roll with will be important. We expect big things from the Jets' running back unit, and with all the new pieces, it will be a thrill to watch.

5. Predictions for the 2022 NY Jets RB room?

The Jets have made plenty of upgrades on offense this year, and that helps this running back group in every way possible. The offensive line will be better for this group, and all the new weapons make it harder to defend any one unit on this offense.

With that being said, Jets fans have very, very high hopes for the running back group, and given that there aren't many star duos in the league at this position, we could see the Jets becoming one of the best in the AFC, potentially the entire NFL.

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We won't say that quite yet, but given the talent that both of the top two Jets have, as well as their depth, Jets fans and this organization shouldn't expect anything less than a top-10, maybe top-15 in the NFL, with plenty of touchdown's on top of that.