NFL Draft Day 2 Grades: NY Jets draft the Marshawn Lynch of Jarvis Landrys

Malachi Corley is the WR Aaron Rodgers needed
Malachi Corley
Malachi Corley / Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages

New NY Jets wide receiver Malachi Corley has drawn countless comparisons to San Francisco 49ers star Deebo Samuel because of his uncanny YAC ability and dangerous playmaking skills. But the Samuel comparisons are tiresome at this point.

The Jets didn't just draft a Deebo Samuel clone — they drafted the Marshawn Lynch of Jarvis Landrys.

They drafted a player who can be a high-volume slot receiver at the NFL level, much like Landry was, who also doubles as a wrecking ball/bull in a china shop hybrid with the ball in his hands, much like Lynch.

The Jets made their intentions clear prior to Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft — they wanted Corley. In the end, the team traded up seven slots in the third round to make it happen. Aaron Rodgers has a new weapon and the Jets have a new playmaker.

Malachi Corley is the explosive wide receiver the NY Jets needed

After the Jets used the 11th overall pick to select Penn State offensive tackle Olu Fashanu on Day 1, it became abundantly clear that the team was planning to target a wide receiver on Day 2.

The Jets reportedly made numerous attempts to trade up for Corley in the second round, even offering multiple picks to potential trade partners. Ultimately, the Jets found one in the Carolina Panthers, who helped the Jets move up to grab their guy.

Corley was a record-breaking wide receiver at Western Kentucky, coming in as an under-the-radar two-star recruit and finishing with more catches than any player in program history.

Corley led his conference in receiving in each of the last two seasons, racking up a ridiculous 2,068 yards after the catch since 2021 — more than 400 yards more than any other player at the FBS level.

The 22-year-old should step in as a day-one contributor and potential starting slot receiver for the Jets alongside Garrett Wilson and Mike Williams. While he's still looking to diversify his route tree, Corley's ability to make plays with the ball in his hands should get him on the field early.

There will be concerns about how offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett utilizes him in the Jets' offense. The Jets will need to find creative ways to maximize his potential on offense, and it's unclear if Hackett is the guy for the job.

Nonetheless, Corley fills an immediate need and was one of the best remaining wide receivers on Day 2 of the draft. The fact that the Jets were able to land him in the third round makes this pick even better.

Grade: A-