The NFL might be giving Chiefs fans free stuff to attend Sunday's NY Jets game

How is this allowed???
NY Jets
NY Jets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

This has officially gotten out of hand. The NY Jets already have the odds stacked against them entering their Sunday Night Football matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend. Now, the NFL is seemingly against them as well.

NFL insider Jordan Schultz reported on Friday that the NFL is preparing to give away 1989 Sunday Ticket-themed friendship bracelets to Chiefs’ fans at MetLife Stadium in “honor of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.”

That's right. You read that correctly. The NFL is incentivizing fans of the visiting team to attend another team's home game by giving away free stuff. How is that allowed? How are the Jets okay with this happening? What is going on?

Schultz is also reporting that Swift is expected to attend Sunday's game and watch from Kelce's suite. Sunday night's game has all the makings of an all-time embarrassment for the Jets.

Is the NFL giving away Taylor Swift friendship bracelets at Jets vs. Chiefs game?

Despite the Jets' recent struggles, this weekend's matchup is expected to be one of the highest-rated games in Sunday Night Football history. That's the Taylor Swift effect for you.

On one hand, it makes sense for the NFL to try to capitalize on this pop-culture crossover phenomenon. Swift is one of the most notable names in entertainment, and her appearing on primetime NFL television is a massive deal for the league.

That said, there has to be some sort of rule against the league intervening and incentivizing away fans to attend a game, no? Surely, this contradicts some sort of fair-play regulation in the NFL rulebook.

It should be noted that there is conflicting information, however. SNY's Connor Hughes is reporting that the NFL is not giving out friendship bracelets to Chiefs fans attending the game on Sunday night. Hughes is disputing Schultz's report.

Either way, the Jets are already entering a primetime matchup against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs with Zach Wilson as their quarterback. It's the first time the Jeta are appearing on Sunday Night Football in over a decade.

Yet, the talk of the game isn't going to be how a new-look, Aaron Rodgers-led Jets team is making waves in the NFL. It's not going to be about how the Jets could compete for a Super Bowl this season.

Instead, the focus is going to be on the laughingstock that is the current Jets offense with Wilson at the helm. It's going to be on the expected beatdown the Chiefs are going to enforce on Sunday. And, of course, it's going to be on the brewing romance between Kansas City's star tight and a pop icon.

That's what this Jets season has become. Whether the friendship bracelets are real or not, the fact that it's a believable story is indicative of the state of this organization. It's bad, folks. Really bad.