NFL Bye Week Schedule 2023: When are the NY Jets off?

NY Jets
NY Jets / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The NFL finally released the entire regular season schedule and well, NY Jets fans are undoubtedly excited for what awaits. With a new future Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback in town, a stellar defense, and a team ready to make some serious noise, the Jets will be the talk of 2023.

Besides having six primetime games in front of the football world, it will be very interesting to see how this team does when all is set and done with everything looking pretty good at the moment. Their strength of schedule isn't bad at all and one can easily believe the Jets can indeed be a playoff-contending team this upcoming season.

Needless to say, excitement and hope are in the air and even when it comes to their bye week, it's also in a good spot for the Jets. Right around the halfway point of the regular season, the Jets officially have their bye in Week 7.

The NY Jets will have their bye in Week 7

Here's a look at the entire regular season schedule of the Jets and their bye week:

Week 1: Sept. 11 vs. Buffalo Bills (Monday Night Football)
Week 2: Sept. 17 at Dallas Cowboys
Week 3: Sept. 24 vs. New England Patriots
Week 4: Oct. 1 vs. Kansas City Chiefs (Sunday Night Football)
Week 5: Oct. 8 at Denver Broncos
Week 6: Oct. 15 vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Week 7: BYE WEEK
Week 8: Oct. 29 at Giants
Week 9: Nov. 6 vs. Los Angeles Chargers (Monday Night Football)
Week 10: Nov. 12 at Las Vegas Raiders (Sunday Night Football)
Week 11: Nov. 19 at Buffalo Bills
Week 12: Nov. 24 vs. Miami Dolphins (Black Friday Football)
Week 13: Dec. 3 vs. Atlanta Falcons
Week 14: Dec. 10 vs. Houston Texans
Week 15: Dec. 17 at Miami Dolphins
Week 16: Dec. 24 vs. Washington Commanders
Week 17: Dec. 28 at Cleveland Browns (Thursday Night Football)
Week 18: Jan. 6 or 7 at New England Patriots

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Week 7 is a good spot for a bye as it'll help the Jets rest up and continue strategizing for the rest of the regular season. It's also a perfect situation since right after their bye week, they'll still be at home anyway with an "away" game against the NY Giants in a regular season "Snoopy Bowl" for bragging rights of the big apple. Everything seems to be falling into place nicely for the Jets in 2023.