NFL admits ANOTHER referee mistake that cost the NY Jets in Week 6

The Jets got screwed....again
NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

NY Jets fans haven't exactly been too pleased with the state of officiating in Jets games this season. The team has oftentimes found itself the victim of some questionable referee decisions this year, only for the NFL to apologize after the game.

That was the case again this past Sunday in the Jets' Week 6 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Eagles defensive end Josh Sweat hit Zach Wilson low for what should have been a roughing the passer penalty late in the second quarter.

Instead, the play did not result in a penalty, and the Jets would soon after have to settle for a field goal. Less than a week later, the NFL fined Sweat $16,391 for a low hit on a quarterback that should have resulted in a flag.

But this is the Jets we're talking about. They don't receive roughing the passer calls. In fact, the Jets haven't been the beneficiary of a roughing the passer penalty since 2021 — easily the longest such streak in the NFL.

This has become a troubling trend for the Jets this season. The team is the victim of a missed call in the game, and the NFL apologizes or admits their mistake days later. Of course, that doesn't change the outcome of the game, however.

The NFL continues to screw over the NY Jets with bad refereeing

The NFL issued an official apology to the Jets following their Week 2 loss to the Dallas Cowboys after a blatantly incorrect roughing the passer penalty against Jets defensive lineman John Franklin-Myers.

Of course, it's impossible to forget what happened in the team's Week 4 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football. Multiple terrible calls on the Chiefs' final drive, including an egregiously bad holding penalty on Sauce Gardner that wiped out a game-changing interception, altered the outcome of that game.

Then there's the controversial blindside block on Jets wide receiver Allen Lazard that occurred in Sunday's game against the Eagles. The penalty nullified a potential 30-yard gain for the Jets, prompting the MetLife crowd to chant, "Refs you suck."

The Sweat non-call, while it flew under the radar, could have had significant ramifications for the Jets. The play in which it occurred was a nine-yard completion to Garrett Wilson. If the penalty was called, the Jets would have been set up with 1st-and-goal with 0:46 to play.

Instead, the Jets had the ball around the 20-yard line and, following a holding penalty of their own, would be forced to settle for a field goal. Who knows what would've happened if the correct call had been made?

This can't keep happening. It's a frustrating experience for fans who just want to see a fair football game, and it's even worse for the players whose careers are being affected.

The post-game apologies and admissions of fault are tiresome. It's time to start making the right calls when it actually matters.