Jets should get crazy, try these 2 Davante Adams trades, and 2 for Kirk Cousins

Why not just throw caution to the wind and go all-in on this season?
New York Jets, Kirk Cousins
New York Jets, Kirk Cousins / Kevin R. Wexler/
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The New York Jets are coming off what some might consider a moral victory in a close loss to the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night.

We will ignore the questionable decisions by the officials and simply say, the Jets very well could have won that football game. But, sitting at 1-3, the Jets are staring at a tough road to the playoffs. Despite the solid outing by Zach Wilson, I'm not sure fans are convinced he can get it done in the long term.

With the Minnesota Vikings also at 1-3 and Kirk Cousins out of contract after this year, why not make a phone call? Heck, better yet, why not call the Las Vegas Raiders about Davante Adams, who seems to be unhappy and wanting out?

Let's just have some fun with hypotheticals, here, shall we?

Davante Adams Trade Number 1

The first trade New York could propose for Adams includes a 2024 first rounder, plus wide receiver Xavier Gipson and running back Michael Carter. Adams would undoubtedly fetch at least a first-round pick, but maybe the Raiders want a couple of young players as well.

Adams trade 1

Gipson, an undrafted rookie, has shown flashes of speed and dynamic ability with the ball in his hands. Meanwhile, Carter is third on the depth chart but still a viable pass-catching running back who could offer the Raiders some depth behind Josh Jacobs.

Imagine the possibilities with Garrett Wilson and Davante Adams on the same offense. Now, imagine that offense with an experienced, qualified quarterback under center as well.