Mike Tannenbaum embarrasses himself with recent NY Jets take

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Former NY Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum has been known to be critical of his former team quite a bit over the years, but usually, it comes from a place of love and holds some semblance of logic.

That wasn't the case with his most recent take about the Jets.

Tannenbaum appeared on ESPN on Thursday to discuss the Jets' decision to cancel mandatory minicamp — a decision that likely shouldn't generate a passionate opinion on either side.

Despite previously giving the Jets an 'A+' grade for their offseason, Tannenbaum decided to change that grade to an 'F' solely because of Jets head coach Robert Saleh's decision to cancel minicamp. Yes. This was an actual opinion shared on ESPN.

Tannenbaum ripped Saleh and the Jets for missing out on valuable time for Aaron Rodgers and his new teammates to develop chemistry. Apparently, canceling a three-day spring workout in shorts was enough to nullify everything else the Jets did this offseason.

"[The Jets] started off with an 'A+' for the offseason and now they get an 'F.' Why would you cancel minicamp? That's the most competitive part of the offseason. Every day together is a good day. You're competing with ... teams that have been together for years and years. I would take as much time as possible to have Aaron Rodgers in the building with his new teammates."

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No, the NY Jets didn't make a mistake canceling mandatory minicamp

Thankfully, former Jets head coach Herm Edwards was there to push back on Tannenbaum's take. Edwards defended the Jets, insisting that a three-day practice in June isn't going to make or break the Jets' Super Bowl odds.

Edwards is absolutely right. You know what does impact the Jets' Super Bowl chances, however? Trading for Aaron Rodgers. Giving the Jets the highest possible grade for their offseason only to diminish it to the lowest possible grade simply because they canceled minicamp is downright absurd.

It's honestly ridiculous that the Jets canceling minicamp has become this much of a talking point, but I guess that's what happens when it's June and there's nothing else to discuss.

Of course, Tannebaum doesn't include the fact that the Jets report a week earlier for training camp than 30 other NFL teams. He does mention the Hall of Fame Game, but he ignores that the Jets will actually practice more than almost every other team because of this fact.

Instead of an extra three days of practice in shorts, the Jets will get an extra week of practice in full pads for training camp. I'd argue that's a lot more valuable than the three days of minicamp the Jets canceled.

Not to mention, why risk further injury? The Jets already lost starting safety Chuck Clark, possibly for the season, due to a serious knee injury sustained in OTAs. Rodgers will have plenty of time to establish chemistry on and off the field with his teammates.

In fact, Rodgers told reporters that he originally planned to attend only about half of the Jets' OTA practices. He showed up for all 10, despite his minor calf injury keeping him sidelined for a period of time.

It's one thing to criticize the Jets' decision to cancel minicamp — although even that is rather silly — but to completely discount the moves they made this offseason (including trading for one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history) simply because they canceled three days of spring practices is a ridiculous and embarrassing take.

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If the Jets find success (or don't!) this season, it won't have anything to do with their decision to cancel minicamp. Let's all move on and talk about more important things.