Micah Parsons mocks NY Jets QB Zach Wilson amidst Aaron Rodgers rumors

NY Jets, Zach Wilson
NY Jets, Zach Wilson / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

The NY Jets have been heavy-handed in their pursuit of Aaron Rodgers. From their wining-and-dining in California to Sauce Gardner's cheesehead burning, the Jets have made it clear that they want Rodgers — desperately.

Given how many Jets players have expressed their desire for a new QB this offseason, it's fair to wonder how the incumbent Zach Wilson feels about everything. That's sort of the perspective Dallas Cowboys Micah Parsons took on Friday.

Parsons responded to a tweet that showed Gardner, Breece Hall, and Garrett Wilson burning the cheesehead in an effort to recruit Rodgers with a GIF of Zach Wilson accompanied by a collection of laughing emojis.

Parsons was seemingly mocking the fact that Jets players are openly recruiting a new quarterback with Wilson already on the roster. Essentially, he seems to be insinuating that this must be an awkward situation for Wilson.

What does the Aaron Rodgers situation mean for Zach Wilson and the NY Jets?

The Jets haven't exactly been secretive about their desire to add a big-name quarterback this offseason. On top of that, Wilson was benched on numerous occasions last season. It's been pretty obvious that he wasn't going to be the starter for quite some time now.

It might be a little awkward to see your teammates outright campaigning for you to be replaced, but that's the NFL. It's business, and I'm sure Wilson understands that.

The Jets maintain that they're committed to Wilson's development and insist that they still believe he will reach his ceiling in the NFL. But how much of that is just coach/GM-speak?

In reality, it's hard to imagine that Wilson will be handed anything in 2023, not even the backup job. And if the Jets get an appealing-enough trade offer, it's possible he's even moved before the start of the season.

If the Jets do end up trading for Rodgers, the most likely scenario would see Wilson return as his mentor's backup or in a third-string role.

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It's a significant fall from grace, given where he was at this time last year, but that's what happens when you're statistically one of the worst quarterbacks in modern league history. The NFL waits for no one — it's a brutal business.