MetLife Stadium is finally getting rid of dreaded turf field

Grass is finally coming to MetLife!

NY Jets game at MetLife Stadium
NY Jets game at MetLife Stadium / Al Pereira/GettyImages

NY Jets and Giants fans have been begging and pleading with their favorite franchises to change the playing surface at MetLife Stadium for years now. Finally, their prayers have been answered.

MetLife Stadium was officially announced as the host venue for the FIFA World Cup Final in 2026. FIFA regulations state that every host stadium must have a grass playing surface, which means that MetLife will be forced to undergo some long overdue renovations in the near future.

It's unclear when the stadium is expected to make the change, but it does have to occur before June of 2026. It's also unknown if the switch to grass would be a permanent one.

Nonetheless, the stadium in which the Jets and Giants play their home games will be moving away from the dreaded turf that has plagued athletes for years. That could have serious implications for the future of both franchises.

NY Jets players should be thrilled about MetLife Stadium's impending changes

Numerous Jets players have been outspoken about their desire for change at MetLife Stadium. The venue's turf is widely considered to be the worst playing surface in the NFL, and many suggest it has a strong correlation with an increased injury risk.

Jets star wide receiver Garrett Wilson called the stadium's turf "garbage" just a few months ago. Multiple Miami Dolphins players were vocal about their displeasure with the stadium after a number of their players suffered non-contact injuries playing at MetLife last season.

Just a few days ago, Jets cornerback Michael Carter II called out the MetLife Stadium turf after a study was released that insisted there was no correlation between a turf surface and injuries. The players disagree almost unanimously across the board.

There have even been rumors that the Jets have struggled to attract free agents because of the dangers of playing at MetLife Stadium. The turf has a tangible impact on the organization's success — or lack thereof.

The good news for Jets fans is that change is coming. Not because Woody Johnson and the Giants' ownership group decided it would be best to protect their players and their own teams. No, that'll never be as important as money.

But because FIFA seemingly has stricter guidelines for player safety than the NFL. Here's to hoping this eventual change becomes a permanent one.