NY Jets WR Garrett Wilson calls out MetLife turf after injury scare

Garrett Wilson is very unhappy with the MetLife Stadium turf
NY Jets, Garrett Wilson
NY Jets, Garrett Wilson / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

NY Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson suffered an injury scare during the team's 20-14 win over the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 6 when he appeared to tweak his ankle in the second half.

Wilson came out of the game briefly, returned a little later, and eventually limped off the field again in the fourth quarter after appearing to re-aggravate the injury. Jets head coach Robert Saleh told reporters after the game that Wilson was "fine," but that doesn't mean he was happy.

Wilson spoke to reporters as well after the game, and he made it clear that he blames one thing for his injury scare — and it's the same thing so many players have blamed for their injuries at MetLife Stadium over the years.

The dreaded MetLife turf.

Wilson called the MetLife Stadium turf "garbage" after suffering a non-contact ankle injury during Sunday's game. Fortunately, Wilson appears to have avoided any major injury, but that doesn't seem to have eased his frustration.

Garrett Wilson echoes other NY Jets players' sentiments about the MetLife Stadium turf

Wilson is far from the first player to suffer a non-contact injury while playing at MetLife Stadium. Of course, Aaron Rodgers infamously tore his Achilles on the same playing surface in Week 1.

Countless players over the years have blamed the turf in East Rutherford for injuries. From Nick Bosa to John Harbaugh to Brandon Marshall to David Bakhtiari, many people around the league have spoken out against the supposedly unsafe MetLife turf.

Bakhtiari even directly blamed the turf for Rodgers' injury earlier this season. One would think that the NFL would listen to its players and make a significant change, but this is the NFL we're talking about.

The stadium did install a new playing surface earlier this year, but it doesn't seem to have changed anyone's mind. MetLife Stadium is still seen as the worst place for players when it comes to injuries.

Garrett Wilson isn't the first player, and he won't be the last to attribute an injury to the MetLife Stadium turf. The Jets are just breathing a sigh of relief that he's okay.