Lamar Jackson and 4 QBs the NY Jets can trade for this offseason

NY Jets, Lamar Jackson
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2. The NY Jets could trade for Lamar Jackson

This is the pipedream that seems more realistic by the day. Lamar Jackson's future in Baltimore is murkier than it's ever been, and the curious circumstances surrounding his interactions with the team, or lack thereof, over the last few weeks only add fuel to the fire.

The Ravens continue to insist that they view Jackson as their long-term franchise quarterback. They continue to leak reports that that's the case as well. But their actions — and Jackson's actions, for that matter — indicate otherwise.

Jackson is reportedly looking for a fully guaranteed contract similar to the deal Deshaun Watson received from the Cleveland Browns. The Ravens have shied away from meeting his asking price in previous negotiations.

If this marriage is going to work, one side is going to have to budge. It seems unlikely that Jackson alters his demands, and the Ravens don't appear willing to either. If that's the case, Jackson could very well be on the move this offseason.

Whether via an outright tag-and-trade or a "signing" via the non-exclusive franchise tag, the Jets will absolutely be interested in Jackson if he is made available. Of course, they will have no shortage of competition either.

Jackson's recent injury history is worth considering, and it will give some teams, the Ravens included, pause. But if the Jets feel comfortable enough about his medicals, acquiring a former MVP who's a top-eight quarterback and just turned 26 years old is a no-brainer.

Timing is another issue with Jackson, especially as it pertains to the last name on this list. This is a situation that could very well drag into the spring and maybe even the summer. The Ravens likely won't let him go without a fight.

Still, this is a more realistic scenario than many Jets fans probably realize. Lamar Jackson's days in Baltimore might be numbered, and the Jets could be the beneficiaries.