3 best-case scenarios for the NY Jets in 2023, and 2 worst-case

What could the 2023 NFL season hold for the New York Jets?
NY Jets, Aaron Rodgers
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It has been a while since NY Jets fans were able to truly believe in a "Super Bowl or bust" mindset, but that's exactly what it appears to be right now.

Both sides of the ball have elite talent, and now that the Jets have a 3-time MVP under center, things feel different. It's a good different.

For the 2023 season to be considered a success, you'd like to hope the Jets see some of their best-case scenarios come true. At the same time, fans are always bracing for the worst outcome, in the back of their minds.

What do both the best and worst-case scenarios look like for these Jets in 2023? Let's start with the positive.

Breece Hall is healthy and 100 percent by Week 1

Breece Hall tore his ACL in late October of last year, which would mean that a return in Week 1 would be around a 10-month recovery. If Hall can make that happen, Jets fans should be thrilled. However, we do not yet know if that's going to happen.

Some of the more recent updates we've seen around Hall's injury status remain positive, noting that he very well could return healthy for Week 1. If that's the case, this is a major win, considering how many players have taken roughly a full year to completely recover from an ACL tear in recent years.

We will continue to take all the positive updates we can, and if Hall is ready to rock by Week 1, then this new-look offense will be better off for it. Getting some chemistry and consistency going between Hall and new quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be key, too, even though his relationship with the quarterback isn't as important as those wideouts.