Jamal Adams keeps humiliating himself with pathetic response to Jets beat drama

Adams is doubling down on being a pain
NY Jets, Jamal Adams
NY Jets, Jamal Adams / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Never has a player who made an All-Pro team with the NY Jets become so reviled in the hearts and minds of a fanbase as Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams has become. On top of declining play, Adams appears to just be an irritating guy to be around.

On top of the fact he requested a trade and burned every bridge that was left to be burned in New York, Adams has continued his bold and brash way of responding to those critical of him despite giving them more ammo to mock him than ever before due to his poor play.

Things came to a head when Adams attacked Jets beat writer Connor Hughes after a critical tweet, posting a picture of Hughes' wife and mocking her appearance. After claiming he "stands 10 toes down" (which is a lie because he deleted the original tweet), Adams called Brian Costello "Mr. Potato Head" after he supported Hughes.

Given a chance to back down, Adams was as defiant as ever.

"Oh, it's always the athlete who crossed the line when he responds," Adams said. "But at the end of the day, disrespect is disrespect. However you want to take it. So I responded...At the end of the day, it was to get him to understand to leave me the hell alone." Adams finished with "when others go low, I go lower."

Former NY Jets safety Jamal Adams continues annoying beef with beat reporters

Adams' antics would barely be tolerable if he was still playing like an All-Pro, but his play has fallen off due to injuries and poor fit in Seattle. After setting the record for sacks by a defensive back in a season, Adams hasn't tallied a sack since 2020 or an interception since 2021.

All Hughes did to end up in his crosshairs was point out that Adams' play in a loss against the Dallas Cowboys, where Adams gave up a TD to Jake Ferguson and Seattle surrendered 41 points, was poor. Was he wrong?

Adams comes across as incredibly sensitive after this whole affair, as he is obsessed with the thoughts of a writer that doesn't even cover him any more. He seems to be devoting more attention to going after Hughes and the Jets beat than he is to working on getting better in pass coverage.

Adams may have gotten his money, but his behavior has made him one of the most reviled names in Jets fandom. Thanks for Garrett Wilson!