Jamal Adams under fire by NY Jets media after pathetic social media post

Jamal Adams is pathetic for this
NY Jets, Jamal Adams
NY Jets, Jamal Adams / Michael Owens/GettyImages

NY Jets fans and media alike joined forces on Friday to come to the defense of SNY's Connor Hughes after he and his wife were victims of an unprompted social media attack by former Jets safety Jamal Adams.

Hughes posted a tweet replying to a video of Adams giving up the game-winning touchdown in his team's Thursday night loss to the Dallas Cowboys with a caption that simply read, "Yikes." That's all it said.

In response, Adams thought it would be a good idea to tweet a photo of Hughes' wife with the same caption: "Yikes." The post has since been deleted, but Adams doesn't exactly seem remorseful, even going as far as to defend himself in multiple subsequent tweets.

Needless to say, the football world did not take kindly to Adams' pathetic response. Everyone from Jets fans to Jets reporters to national media called out the former All-Pro safety for his embarrassing and immature actions.

One specific post from Brian Costello of the New York Post drove home just how angry Adams made them.

"I’ve covered a lot of players through the years. Never met any who was more of a phony than Jamal Adams. I always thought he was a bad guy. Today he proved he is even worse than I thought."

Brian Costello

Former NY Jets safety Jamal Adams has somehow sunk to a new low

To speak candidly for a moment, I remained in the small minority of Jets fans who didn't outright dislike Adams despite his controversial departure from the organization. But this? There's no defending this.

Adams attacked an innocent person who had nothing to do with anything. He went after a man's family. That's about as low as it gets. Whatever positive reputation Adams may have still had left, that's gone now. This will follow him for the remainder of his career, as it should.

Adams has struggled mightily since leaving the Jets a few years ago. He's yet to play in more than 12 games in a season as he's battled injury troubles. He's also failed to reach the levels he did during his time with the Jets.

His on-field performance has regressed, he's struggled to stay healthy, and he's made an unfortunate habit of making headlines off the field for all the wrong reasons. Seahawks fans are done with him, too.

What else is there to say about Adams at this point? This is a man who self-appointed himself as a leader of men. He hides behind a self-imposed presidential moniker, only to prove incapable of leading even himself to make the right decisions.

This was a pathetic and downright shameful response by Adams. He's rightfully getting blasted for it. We send our best to Connor and his family — they shouldn't have to deal with this.