Exclusive interview with Iowa State TE Charlie Kolar: Senior Bowl, spaghetti controversy, and more

NY Jets, Charlie Kolar
NY Jets, Charlie Kolar / John E. Moore III/GettyImages
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NY Jets, Charlie Kolar
NY Jets, Charlie Kolar / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

Charlie Kolar's spaghetti eating controversy

JF: "It's a funny tidbit. Speaking of that, Charlie, I got to be honest with you. When I was doing some research for this interview, I stumbled upon — we can call it a controversy — from last summer. There was a particular photo that went somewhat viral amongst Iowa State fans, that depicted you eating spaghetti with your hands. No fork, just scooping it up with your hands. Now I'm not here to judge your eating habits or anything, but I just got to ask. Why? Tell me about the background behind that photo. Defend yourself if need be, but I'm just interested and a little disturbed." [laughs]

CK: [laughs] "I'll just let the photo [speak for itself]. I'll just let it be."

JF: "Just let it be?"

CK: [drinks water] "Let it be."

JF: "I saw you made a t-shirt about that, and that's your profile picture on Twitter. I see you with that business mindset trying to capitalize on it."

CK: "It just came up and it was funny, but we'll let it be for now." [laughs]

JF: "Alright, we can let it be. See I had a whole list of foods I was going to ask if you ate with your hands, but we can let it be." [laughs]

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Charlie Kolar is one smart dude

JF: "On a more serious note, you seem to be someone who takes academics pretty seriously. You graduated with a 3.99 GPA in mechanical engineering, which, you know I have a bachelor's in Sport Management so I'm a little intimidated by your intelligence right now. You're also pursuing a postgraduate degree in Finance, I believe. Tell me a little bit about the importance of academics in your life. Is that something you think can help you post-football?"

CK: "Yeah, I finished my master's in Finance this December. My parents were always big on academics especially because injuries are prevalent, especially in football. You never know, you're always one play away. You're also just one play away from being cut. I've always had the mindset that I was going to work as hard as I could in academics. Football will only last so long. Thankfully, I still have the chance to play right now, but you never how long it's going to last, so I'm just trying to set myself up as best as possible. It's also that you're given an opportunity to go to college and play football, but you're also just given an opportunity to go to college. A lot of people never get that opportunity so I thought it'd be a shame to waste it. I just try to do my best in everything I do."